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Are human lubricants harmful?

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  • Aug 18,2020
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Lubricants, also known as lubricants, are mainly used for "sexual intercourse" to prevent excessive drying and harm to both parties. This is a product that many people care about, and many people Lubricant(潤滑劑) are concerned about its safety. In fact, as long as it is a regular manufacturer of quality-assured lubricants, it will not cause harm to the body. Of course, its basic "mechanism" "It needs everyone to be clear and understand. It's not as scary as you think.

What is the composition of lubricating oil?

In fact, as far as we are concerned, the main part of water-soluble lubricants dedicated to sexual intercourse is water and glycerin. In addition to the relationship between the two, the use of sodium hydroxide, sodium hyaluronate, and sodium polyacrylate is also added. And to these hydroxybenzoic acid and other substances.

Lubricating oil is a weakly acidic substance that does not stimulate the body, and its touch is closer to natural vaginal secretions.

The safety of lubricants produced by regular manufacturers does not affect the safety of some problems:

Water-soluble lubricating oil is colorless and odorless, relatively speaking, it can be cleaner and energy safer. During use, we can also effectively prevent the vagina and labia from being allergic to latex. Long-term use of water-soluble lubricating fluid produced by regular, large and reliable manufacturers is Healthy and harmless.

From a practical point of view, the use of this water-soluble lubricant is actually easier to clean, because it can be dissolved in water, so the entire cleaning process will be particularly simple, which can also prevent men and women from skin damage and inflammation due to intense sexual intercourse. And so on, to avoid all kinds of embarrassing problems.

Therefore, lubricating oil is actually not as harmful as everyone thinks. Reliable purchase (production by regular manufacturers) and correct choice of use will definitely develop more outstanding benefits to the body.

Because some women in life have insufficient secretions due to their husband's boring (no foreplay), growth of age, endocrine disorders and other factors, they not only did not enjoy the fun they should have, but brought unnecessary pain and aroused sexual desire over time. Diminishment and even fear, this will seriously affect the life of the couple.

In order to help us couples to complete their sexual life smoothly, human lubricants are on the stage. But after all, this is a private part and a product used. In addition to its functional role, safety is an issue that many people think should be paid more attention to.

Free knowledge points, some contraceptive methods are really unreliable:

The contraceptive safety period is unreasonable: Ovulation itself is a hormone, mood, external stimulus and other factors. Ovulation is likely to be advanced or delayed. With this method of contraception, the success rate is only about 70%.

The contraceptive method of in vitro ejaculation can also be unreliable: please be clear that before the time of ejaculation when a man becomes a friend, some prostatic fluid and semen may have flowed out of the urethra.

Partial use of condoms for contraception is also unreasonable: body fluid exchange starts from the moment of contact, and it is safer to use the whole process.

Washing the vagina after sex is unreliable: Please be clear that a large amount of sperm enters the fallopian tube from the vagina, and it only takes a few minutes to develop. Do you think there is no time?