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Wearing new clothes for the New Year, how to buy safe and secure children's clothing?

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  • Feb 06,2023
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dirt rinsed off

With the arrival of the Chinese New Year, a wide range of cleaning mop manufacturerbright colors and novel styles of children's clothing to celebrate the occasion added a strong flavor of the year. Here to remind parents that when purchasing children's clothing, exquisite children's clothing if they do not meet the standard requirements, there will be certain quality and safety risks. To ensure that their children have a safe and happy New Year, parents must pay close attention to the quality and safety of their children's clothing.

Parents should choose formal purchase channels, such as regularMoschino Kids HK shopping malls or supermarkets, to buy a better reputation of the brand, sources, quality is more guaranteed, and the quality of after-sales service is generally higher; purchase products, to see whether the product and its packaging instructions (i.e. product identification), including whether there is a Chinese label, whether the name an Different types of identification should have consistent content, and the durability label should include the product type or specification, fiber composition and content, and maintenance methods. Keep the product hangtag after purchasing the product to facilitate the protection of their legal rights and interests.

Check the quality of product appearance when purchasing goods, such whisky courseas fabric feel, cloth defects, color differences, stains, stitching, and so on. Pay attention to clothing and packaging; pins and other metal sharp objects should not be present. Pay attention to whether the goods have fading, staining, and other phenomena, you can smell or touch, check whether there is an unpleasant odor or irritation of the skin, the phenomenon of these phenomena caution in the purchase of goods It is recommended that consumers prioritize the purchase of cotton and other moisture-absorbing and breathable products; fabrics should be light-colored and soft to the touch; infant and children's clothing, if the label, should be sewn in a position that does not come into direct contact with the skin.

Once again, parents, children's clothing to buy back the best first wash and then wear, part of the harmful substances can be rinsed off, but also the clothes in the production, transportation, storage process of dust, dirt rinsed off; recommended that consumers do not buy too long rope or decorative accessories too much product, pay special attention to the head and neck of low-age children's clothing, back do not have the rope out; Furthermore, when washing, dark and light-colored products should be washed separately, and children's and adult clothing should be washed separately as much as possible, using milder detergents and paying close attention to rinsing clean to avoid irritating children's skin.