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5 details on how to reduce the chance of being audited when changing your collection account

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5 details on how to reduce the chance of being audited when changing your collection account

1. security, whether the payment company's qualifications are complete, and whether there is a compliance permit.

2. the efficiency of the service collection, and global payments credit card processing the smooth interface with the platform, withdrawal support which institutions and banks, customer service efficiency is satisfactory.

3. Aggregation rate and aggregation loss. The exchange rate is changing in real time, and if the collection platform is not transparent and unwilling to take the risk of exchange rate fluctuations, it will "eat up" a lot of the seller's profits.

If sellers find a better collection service provider, they need to pay attention to five details before changing their collection methods to reduce the probability of triggering platform audits:

1. If objective environmental factors require us to change the collection management method, we must first contact the actual payment service platform and ask whether the other party has negotiated with the platform to help sellers change the collection method, and retain the relevant research evidence.

2. Report in advance, write an email or open a case to communicate with Amazon customer service to inform and bring your real needs to the attention of customer service to avoid being misjudged by Amazon's warning system. 3.

3. Pay attention to the time to change the collection tool and avoid changing the collection account three days before and three days after the platform payment date.

4. Change the account on the computer that processes your Amazon account every day to avoid the situation where the main Amazon account is logged in once a month and the account is changed immediately after logging in;

5. After adding a new collection account to the back office, it is better to switch it after a period of time, for example, after a payment cycle, and not to delete the old account in a hurry. This operation is not likely to trigger a system audit that determines the account has been stolen and is applicable to all sites.

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