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[Guru Chicken Ball Recipe] A popular home

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  • Dec 14,2021
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[Guru Chicken Ball Recipe] A popular home

Grunt meat is a home cooking that no one can resist, especially on the hot summer days with a loss of appetite, it looks particularly refreshing and refreshing. In fact, the sweet and sour sauce used for grunt meat can also be served with chicken balls, fish chunks, etc. This time, I refer to the recipe of the Chinese chef to cook the sweet and sour sauce to cook the grunt chicken balls.

Last year, visited the dishes chef Leiqi Yu teacher, ask him sour pork production methodAt that time, he taught the skill of fried pork more delicious and dry, and demonstrated the preparation method of wild sweet and sour sauce. This time, I will do the cooking bowl. I will mix the sauce once and mix it with the fried chicken balls.

There are 7 kinds of materials needed for sweet and sour juice, hawthorn slices, white vinegar, juice, water, sugar, OK juice, tomato juice, most of the materials readers should be familiar with, but there are a few want to add. Hawthorn flakes are the kind of traditional Chinese medicine used for oral delivery. They are bought in herbal medicine shops, and "OK juice" should be relatively rare. It is actually a sweet and sour sauce with a thick consistency. The paste is almost the same. If it is not available, it can be replaced with Western-style "HP sauce". It is sold in large supermarkets. Its main ingredients are said to be malt vinegar, tomatoes, fruits, dates, sugar, and tamarind, which taste sweet and sour. As for the piece of sugar, I believe that every family has it. Master Lei pointed out that its taste and color are more suitable for cooking sweet and sour sauce than sugar, but if there is no piece of sugar at home, it can also be replaced with sugar. If you don't want the sauce to be too sour, you can reduce the amount of HP sauce and hawthorn slices.

The name of the HP sauce is related to the British grocery store owner Garton. It is said that Garton sold its secret brown sauce in the 19th century. Its sauce was adopted by a restaurant in the Houses of Parliament, so the brown sauce was named HP Sauce. (Photo by Deng Yingqi)

Use boneless chicken to boil the grunt chicken balls, the meat quality will be softer and smoother than the chicken breast, as for the skin or otherwise you can decide.

This time I added more sweet and sour sauce, even if I can’t use it, I don’t have to worry about it. Master Lei said it can be stored in the refrigerator for a period of time, and it can be served with different dishes next time.