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China unionpay credit card

Nowadays, more and more people China unionpay credit card in society are not only used to using cards, but also pay with bank cards anytime, anywhere. Gas, water and electricity, mobile phone recharge, air ticket booking, hotel booking, bid farewell to traditional methods, are all easily completed on the Internet... With the popularization and development of electronic payment methods, new changes are taking place in the easy and convenient living consumption.

China UnionPay, China UnionPay, China UnionPay have launched various convenient payment services for individuals, families and public places, etc., in addition to public utility (2082.416, 30.34, 1.48%) payment, telephone recharge and credit card repayment, self-service finance, business Except for travel booking, insurance payment and main payment links in daily life, UnionPay network and service support are provided.

Due to the rapid development of the Internet, there are more and more "lazy" otakus and otakus. In response to the living habits of this group, China UnionPay launched the "Family Payment Facilitation" campaign. it

Refers to various bank card payments, so that you can enjoy convenient and rich financial payment services while sitting at home.

Flying people play Pay-As-You-Go.

Business professionals are busy with their official duties, and they are always on the go. They often play the "trapeze" drama. The business development of the new generation of UnionPay mobile network payment enterprises is based on the financial smart card in Chinese mobile phones as the payment platform account as the carrier, and the mobile phone as the payment market. The innovative payment management method of the information technology processing system terminal not only integrates the mobile phone and the bank IC card into one, but also "puts" the bank counter into the cardholder's pocket.

With the help of wireless communication network, "Flyer" users can realize remote payment functions such as credit card repayment, transfer recharge, water, electricity, coal payment, online shopping, hotel reservation, air ticket and other functions, even if they are on a business trip. At the same time, they can also use contactless communication technology in small and fast payment areas such as supermarkets and buses

UnionPay cards are accepted by merchants for on-site swipe card payment, enjoying the safe and convenient consumption experience brought by UnionPay mobile payment.

Older kids are early adopters of 'community' payments

Although the payment and development methods of various economic and financial enterprises in my country are constantly innovating, but for the elderly society where students are not very good at using their own computers and are not very interested in new gadgets, the most suitable one is self-service terminals, that is, all over the world. UnionPay convenient payment points in every corner of Chinese urban life. When the elderly go shopping for groceries or take a walk, they pass by nearby convenience stores or banks for outlets, and through a convenient payment system terminal, they can pay their water, electricity, coal and telephone bills more easily with just a few buttons and card swiping steps. The operation method is simple and easy to learn.



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