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How to teach a child to make him more and more confident?

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How to teach a child to make him more and more confident?

How to teach a child to make him more and more confident?

This is a question worth thinking about. Self-confidence itself is a kind of positive sunshine and optimistic mental performance. However, due to many reasons, children show a negative and withdrawn state in self-confidence. Indecisiveness, inattentive study, homework to deal with things, more serious phenomena are cowardice, timidity, etc. Of course, it is not only confidence that is so simple, but there may be reasons other than confidence that cause children to be unconfident.

Because the children have different family backgrounds, different growth environments, different personalities, and different self-confidence. Some children have a good growth environment, a sense of psychological pride, and most of them are confident in doing things; some children are generally home, but accompanied by their parents, have extensive education, are good at observing children's daily behaviors, changes in words and emotions, and can equally help children analyze things The reason is to help children to evacuate the crux from their thoughts and psychology, and to help children get rid of the growth dilemma. Such children can easily develop self-confidence. Moreover, the family conditions are not good, and the parents have given a lot of care. The children can experience it, make the children feel that the family is not good, promote the children's spiritual rise, behavioral efforts, and make the children confident.

On the contrary, no matter how good the family conditions are, if the child is blindly self-confident, use his own advantages, and carelessly think, the parents will be spoiled, and if the child is not guided by good deeds, the child will behave wrongly because of this blind self-confidence, and grow frustrated. . If the children of ordinary families lack the power of justice, have a psychology of comparison, and do not have sufficient judgment, their self-confidence will be insufficient ive civil engineering.

There are many such cases in reality. I saw on TV that a child from a disabled family was admitted to a prestigious school with self-confidence and sunny dedication. After school, he had to push his disabled mother, who was only a little over one meter, to the vegetable market to buy vegetables, comb his hair, and take care of his mother and daily life. After studying on the weekend, he pushed his mother to play in the park. Everyone always casts strange glances, boys never care. He told reporters that there is nothing to care about. She is my mother. that is the truth. I am very grateful to my mother for giving me life and giving me the honor to enter a prestigious Beijing school. The boy speaks very civilized, indifferent, and sunny. He is not ashamed of having a disabled mother, but decadent, which makes her proud and grateful. This kind of self-confidence is undoubtedly sunny and upward.

Look at the case of Xie killing his mother a few days ago by a famous university student. What's the reason?

What kind of resentment can cause his own son to kill his mother? Why do children who have always been excellent have embarked on the road of no return? According to the original child's excellent level, he must be confident and positive. For mothers, the profession of a middle school teacher is understandable. The education of children should be no less than that of parents who are not in educational positions. What is the reason for accelerating the speed of children’s crimes? What is the reason for children to give up sunshine, hard work and self-confidence, leading to cruel atrocities? Facing heavy lessons, it brings people deep and long-term thinking..

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