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Choose the collection channel, these things to be compared, merchant needs

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  • Mar 21,2022
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Choose the collection channel, these things to be compared, merchant needs

(1) Rate

The collection channel fee mainly includes three modules: transaction fee, omnichannel payment processing currency rate, and withdrawal fee.

Transaction fees are the amount of money charged by the receiving channel in each transaction. Currency rate refers to the proportion of currency conversion fee charged by the collection channel when the seller transfers the cash,

The cash withdrawal fee refers to the withdrawal fee charged by the seller through the current collection channel.

(2) Capital turnover rate

The capital turnover rate is an indicator that reflects the weekly turnover rate of funds. The money cycle is fast, and the company can get as much as possible with as little money as possible.

In the independent station collection, it can be reflected in the speed of account reserves and funds recovery. Generally, the smaller the account reserve, the higher the proportion that can be withdrawn; The sooner the cash enters the account, the more flexible the funds available to the company.

Roll retention: Freeze one percentage of each affair and release the freeze on the planned date.

Minimum Reserve: The receiving account always maintains a minimum balance.

Fixed Reserve: A fixed amount of money in a directly frozen account.

Deferred Settlement: Net transaction amount is retained for a few days before settling with the merchant.

Payment success rate

Payment success rates are also an important issue that sellers need to focus on when choosing a way to manage payments. Because the success rate of corporate payments directly affects the conversion rate of orders related to independent stations.

The payment success rate is affected by a number of factors such as the strength of the issuer and the third-party service company, and the seller finds that the payment success rate of the collection channel is lower in the actual business process.

Communicate with customer service or contact people in a timely manner with the collection channel to clarify the reasons for the low success rate of payment. If the payment success rate is low due to the collection channel, the collection channel can be replaced.