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To properly measure body temperature, you need to know this

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  • Feb 24,2022
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To properly measure body temperature, you need to know this

Mercury thermometers are in the medical field, clinical mercury thermometers to measure body temperature. braun forehead thermometer is very convenient, suitable for home use, but need to be regularly calibrated.

Infrared thermometer temperature measurement speed is the fastest, suitable for continuous temperature measurement, but not suitable for family or personal use, but also need to be regularly calibrated.

You are using these three thermometers?

1. Mercury thermometer

Before use, shake the thermometer to below 35 ° C, placed under the tongue (measurement time: 3 minutes) or under the armpit (measurement time: 10 minutes). After reading the temperature data, wipe the thermometer with an alcohol pad or soak it in 75% alcohol to disinfect it.

2. Electronic thermometer

Before using the thermometer, disinfect the thermometer head with alcohol, and then turn on the power, when the thermometer is displayed on the screen, you can measure the temperature.

Axillary temperature measurement method and mercury thermometer thermometer the same, but the electronic thermometer requires relatively short time, about three minutes will be able to hear the sound of dripping water, showing that the body temperature has been measured.

3. Infrared thermometer

Using the ear thermometer, gently pull it straight ear canal, insert the temperature measurement head into the ear canal, press the switch, the buzzer will be immediately beeping sound, the time is about 1 ~ 2 seconds.

After the buzzer sound, do not take out a thermometer, and then after 2 to 3 seconds to take out, you can read out their accurate control of the body temperature to one decimal point through the LCD screen.

Additional temperature gun temperature measurement, simply align the center of the sensor probe to their forehead, press the measurement button, only a few seconds can be calculated to improve the measurement system data.

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