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What is IoT wireless communication module?

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  • Sep 10,2021
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What is IoT wireless communication module?

The explosive growth of the IoT market cannot be achieved without the strong impetus of wireless communication module products. What is IoT wireless communication module?

Wireless communication module drives the market growth.

In recent years, the IoT market has shown explosive growth. According to relevant data, the number of IoT devices will reach 20 to 30 billion units in 2020, the scale of China's IoT industry will reach 2 trillion yuan, the global IoT market scale will reach 3 trillion dollars, and the potential market scale will exceed 7 trillion dollars.

During the IoT application, almost every IoT device needs to support at least one wireless communication protocol to interconnect with other devices, networks and clouds.

With such a huge market demand and growth potential, many people wonder what is a "communication module"? What is the key role of communication module in the IoT industry chain?

Wireless communication module is irreplaceable.

The principle of wireless communication module is to iot wifi module send or receive electromagnetic signals and convert them into understandable information. The function of wireless communication module is to connect things and things, so that various IoT terminal devices can realize information transmission capability and various smart devices can have IoT information interface.

Wireless communication module is the key link connecting IoT sensing layer and network layer, belongs to the bottom hardware chain, has irreplaceable function, and is the carrier of IoT intelligent terminal.

Classification of wireless communication module.

Wireless module is divided into communication module and positioning module according to network and positioning function. Positioning module is mainly based on satellite positioning module. According to the communication technology, communication module is divided into cellular and non-cellular. Further cellular communication module is divided into 2,3,4,5G and NB-OT,e-MTC, and non-cellular communication module is divided into Bluetooth,WiFi,Zigbee,LoRa,sigfox.

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