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New Year's weight gain due to inability to go out: A list of tips for losing weight without straining yourself

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  • Jan 07,2021
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New Year's weight gain due to inability to go out: A list of tips for losing weight without straining yourself

This New Year's Day, we can't go out, including New Year's visits. I wonder if there are people who have been eating and sleeping since the end of the year because they can't go out. New Year's dishes are often heavily seasoned to preserve the food, which can cause the body to swell. It is also easy to gain weight during this time of the year due to too many calories and lack of exercise. If you don't do something about it, you may be shocked when you get on the scale after the vacations. So, let's learn how to get rid of the New Year's weight gain without any difficulty.

Five tips on how to eat without gaining weight

At this time of year, many people tend to overeat due to the cold weather and lack of exercise, which leads to a sudden weight gain. If you become overweight, it will be very difficult to lose weight, so it is important to take action before you gain weight.

We asked Yasuyo Kishimura, a registered dietitian and representative of the Adult Diet Institute, for her tips on how to curb overeating and overdrinking, and how to eat in a way that boosts metabolism.

How to Eat #1: "Yogurt First" to Prevent Overeating

When you take in a large amount of sugar on an empty stomach, your blood sugar level tends to spike, and your body secretes a large amount of insulin in an attempt to lower the blood sugar level quickly. Insulin takes in sugar into the cells, and the sugar that is not used up as energy is stored as fat, which results in weight gain.

In addition to vegetable first, Mr. Kishimura recommends eating yogurt first before eating a meal.

How to Eat 2: Use okara powder to make you feel fuller

Insoluble dietary fiber swells easily in the stomach and makes you feel full. Insoluble dietary fiber is characterized by its ability to swell in the stomach, making it easier to feel full. You can also get dietary fiber from vegetables, but for busy business people, we recommend okara powder, which is made from dried okara.

How to Eat #3: Boost your metabolism with protein and B vitamins

In order to prevent weight gain, it is important to increase energy consumption by exercising, but you can also increase your energy consumption by eating. This is because daily energy consumption consists of three components: basal metabolism, diet-induced heat production, and physical activity, of which the energy consumed by eating (diet-induced heat production) accounts for about 10% of the total. For example, if a person consumes 2,000 kcal a day, 200 kcal will be diet-induced heat production.

The amount of heat production depends on the nutrients in the diet, and protein can increase the amount of heat production. Protein is an essential nutrient to prevent muscle loss and to maintain basal metabolism. And B vitamins are necessary to convert carbohydrates and fats into energy. Consuming proteins such as meat, fish, eggs, and soybean products, as well as B vitamin-rich foods such as garlic, edamame, and mushrooms with every meal will help boost your metabolism and prevent weight gain," says Kishimura.

How to Eat: Eat Early

After 6:00 p.m., every hour that passes, B-MAL1, a protein that controls the body clock, increases in the body, making it easier to accumulate body fat. Also, the later you eat, the less energy you have to burn, and the more fat you accumulate. Don't forget that eating late at night can cause such double damage, making you more likely to gain weight," says Kishimura.

If you are going to eat late at night, change the way you eat. For example, eat carbohydrates such as rice and bread before 6:00 p.m., and have a vegetable soup for dinner later. This way, you will be less likely to gain weight even if you eat the same thing.

The day after overeating, eat a palmful of vegetables.

If you overeat a lot, you are sure to gain weight. The day after you have eaten a lot of food, try to control your calories as soon as possible by eating mainly vegetables that are low in energy.

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Calorie Restriction" Tips to Eliminate New Year's Fatness

If you have gained weight in a short period of time, how can you lose weight without difficulty? If you want to lose weight, the basic rule is to reduce your energy intake (calories) from food and increase your energy consumption (exercise and activity). Continuing from the previous article, I asked Yasuyo Kishimura for some easy and effective tips on how to control calories.

1] Be particular about the part of the meat or fish you eat and how you cook it.

Even if you are on a calorie-restricted diet, you still want to make sure you eat enough protein such as meat and fish. The key to controlling calories is to focus on the part of the meat and how it is cooked.

If you are looking for pork or beef, go for fillets instead of loin, and if you are looking for chicken, go for chicken breasts instead of thighs. When in doubt, choose raw (although some ingredients cannot be eaten raw), grilled, boiled, or steamed dishes.

2] Make it a rule to eat at least two servings of vegetables first.

Eat plenty of vegetables at the beginning of each meal, "vegetable first. This helps to slow down the rise in blood sugar levels, prevent the accumulation of fat, and prevent overeating.

3] Serve a plate of side dishes with a ratio of 1 main dish to 2 vegetables.

In order to lose weight, you need to know exactly how much you are eating in the first place. If you don't, you may end up overeating without even realizing it. ...... In particular, if you are eating a large plate of food that you share with others, be careful not to eat too much as you keep refilling it.

In addition, the following article introduces some tips for different times of the day, such as morning and evening. Let's start with what we can do without straining ourselves.

Three "Easy Fasting Methods" with Scientific Evidence

I've gained weight from eating too much at the end of the year and during the New Year. If you want to do something about it, try "intermittent fasting". Intermittent fasting is not a fasting without eating, but rather an 8-hour diet that restricts your eating time.

Here are three scientifically proven "easy fasting methods": the 8-hour diet, the two-week fast, and the every-other-day fast. However, if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have a chronic illness, low blood pressure, or are over 65, please consult your doctor. Don't do it if you feel unwell, even if you are healthy.

Stretching in the bath to get rid of New Year's weight gain

Finally, let me tell you how to improve your health and burn fat efficiently by promoting blood circulation. Take a bath for a minute or two to warm up your body, and when your body and mind are relaxed, start stretching. Here, I will show you nine different types of exercises, ranging from simple "back rounding" and "upper body twisting" to "ankle rolling" and "bicycle pedaling.

But before you start, be careful! The temperature of the water should be "lukewarm" at about 39 degrees Celsius. The temperature of the water should be lukewarm, about 39 degrees Celsius, and the amount of water should be slightly lower than the level of your chest to avoid too much strain. If you find it hard to breathe, stop immediately. Never do the exercise after drinking alcohol. Be sure to drink plenty of water before and after exercise.