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What is nano sponge? Is there any formaldehyde pollution in it?

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  • Sep 27,2023
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super clean

In recent years, nano sponges are widely sought after for cleaning stubborn stains with the effect of carrying out the ideal, and there is no need for us to use none of the chemical cleaning agents. Today, I come to give you through the explanation to analyze the nanometer sponge cleaning superpower from where exactly developed?

With the help of science and technology, we are super clean!

Nano sponge, scientific name of melamine foam, commonly known as magic eraser. The main ingredient of nano sponge is melamine resin foam, which is made from melamine and formaldehyde polymerization. Melamine resin has a three-dimensional network structure with high porosity, with each "cell" having at least 3 holes or 2 destructive surfaces, and it is common for most cells to have at least 3 structural units at the edges.cellulose sponge factory During the wiping process, according to the opening structure of the sponge's capillaries, it can automatically absorb the stains on the surface of the object.

Nano sponge is widely used in construction, electronic products, biological decontamination process and other fields due to its good sound absorption, flame retardant, moisture-proof, heat-resistant and other comprehensive performance. It is also a good cleaning helper, oil removal ability, high water efficiency (only 30% -40% of the traditional way of cleaning water), known as the cleaning weapon.

Rumor is "toxic", no scientific basis.

Melamine and formaldehyde single carry out, are some toxic chemicals, the two for the synthesis of diamine resin is as a socially stable substances, will not decompose formaldehyde. But in the process of polymerization of the other two different molecules, there are some unchanged reaction of free formaldehyde will exist in the research nano sponge. Therefore, the production company manufacturers need to reduce the content of free formaldehyde in students by continuously improving the foaming process and maturing the deformalization process.

In addition, formaldehyde itself is a water-soluble, chemically unstable substance, which can be removed by placing it in a ventilated place or rinsing it with water before use. Purchase nano-sponge from qualified merchants, buy it back and put it in a ventilated place for a period of time, wash it and then use it again, basically avoiding the harm of formaldehyde.

Health Tips

From a hygiene point of view, sponges can accumulate a lot of grease and food residue in the space between them. After use, they should be washed and dried for storage.

Do not use nano sponges to clean electrical products that are not suitable for contact with water.

Do not sterilize with bleach or hot water, otherwise the nano sponge will turn yellow and deteriorate and its service life will be shortened.

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