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Beautiful rose gold with soft powder! DW launched a limited edition PETITE MELROSE soft-light powder watch for Valentine’s Day,

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  • Aug 17,2020
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In order to welcome the arrival of Chinese Valentine's Day, the Swiss watch brand Daniel Wellington specially created the irresistible rose gold Petite Melrose series of watches for girls, and also launched the signature case of the Lee Bible.

Girls can't miss it! The annual Tanabata Valentine’s Day is coming. Not long ago, the DW of Swarovski’s new steel watch Iconic Link Lumine was launched. This time, the new Tanabata Valentine’s Day limited Petite Melrose soft light pink watch was released with a delicate rose gold Milanese strap. , With a new soft powder dial, 28mm, NT4,990, 32mm, NT5,490 two sizes.

For Chinese Valentine’s Day, DW has specially created exclusive gift packaging. As long as you purchase any watch and accessories combination at the store, you can get the "Double Love" eternal flower box for free; if you shop online, you can enjoy the "Only Love" eternal flower The packaging of the box is absolutely decent and beautiful for the other half.

It is worth mentioning that on the case, there is also an exquisite and small laser engraved signature of DW spokesperson Li Jingcheng. Due to the limited number introduced in Taiwan, it is only sold in limited quantities at Taipei Daan Store, Taoyuan Tongling Store and SOGO Hsinchu Giant City Store , As a fan of the Bible, don’t miss it.