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understand a little decoration, less stepping on a little pit

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  • Mar 15,2023
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understand a little decoration, less stepping on a little pit

01. Understand a little design, avoid a little pit

What is the most frightening renovation, the designer's design is not reasonable, the renovation engineer also according to the design to the construction, each do their own, the final cost of time or their own.

I prefer to learn to cook so that I am gradually familiar with the kitchen. I have moved a few times, lived in private houses, apartments,kitchen cabinets design and neighborhoods, and have lived in a cooking pit.

For example, if there is no draining area on the side of the sink or it is too small, the washed dishes must be washed and moved one by one, which is time-consuming and unpleasant, and it affects the mood of the subsequent cooking.

Once the stove is too high, I have a few meters, normal height, stir-fry up hand strength, stir-fry a few dishes, hands are a little weak, because the hands lift high, not force.

Another time, when cutting, bending over to cut,kitchen design so I want to move a stool to cut vegetables, or bending over for a long time to be sore.

There is no serving area, which can affect cooking, or the serving area does not meet their left and right hand habits, as I used to have a serving area on the right side of the stove, where good food can be placed.

Knowing some kitchen decoration design, in accordance with the actual situation of the owner of cooking, cooking habits, not only saves your mind and effort, but also makes cooking comfortable, happy to cook and do dishes.

02. Discover simple kitchen design concepts

The kitchen is obviously the most important, with the sink, stove top, and refrigerator as the three major pieces; the rest is determined by the space of the subtle mix.

Sink, opposite the window (if any), is the best choice, because the sun is best suited to deal with humidity, by the way, with a square plate or wash dishes placed in the area, oh yes, a pull-out faucet like, rinse the sink crevices dirt excellent choice.

The stove is appropriate for their height, leg length is good, or a high throw, plus a region in line with their own dish habits, but also add a better hood, in line with the Chinese style of cooking, after all, we smoke a little more, don't have to Western style.

Refrigerator attention under the open space, so as not to open the door to take the ingredients affected.

Understand these from the bottom of their hearts, the purchase of their own kitchen appliances.

03. I enjoy the open kitchen.

Separate kitchen, convenient for cooking when fumes are isolated and do not affect other rooms.

But I like open kitchens because dishes can stew, boil, and small fire dishes like this can be handled by the general hood.

Most importantly, I want to share my cooking with my family, rather than being alone in the kitchen silently cooking while the rest of the family looks on.

But there is still a separate kitchen forGas Hob our Chinese friends who like to have stir-fry dishes like chili fried pork on occasion.

I believe that a well-designed kitchen can fully enhance the joy of cooking.

These are some of the tips I've learned from decorating books to help with future home renovations.

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