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For those who like spotless houses, nano cocoa sponge is a basic cleaning product.

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For those who like spotless houses, nano cocoa sponge is a basic cleaning product.

What makes a nano-coconut sponge so clean?

For those who like spotless houses, nano cocoa sponge is a basic cleaning product. kitchen sponge brandThese ordinary coconut sponges are more effective than chemical cleaners. Moreover, the nano cocoa sponge is convenient to use and does not need to open a window to discharge harmful gases. They really just need water to clean. So how does the nano-pine cone sponge work?

What are nanoCoconut sponges

Nano-coconut sponge is a new kind of foam material with high porosity and three-dimensional network structure. sponge wholesale manufacturerUsing the physical decontamination mechanism, the Meijiaxin nano-coconut sponge unique three-dimensional network structure (each particle less than 1/1000th of a hair) , after soaking, the object will form numerous nano-scale pores, the stain on the surface of the object will be automatically absorbed during the cleaning process. Therefore, these white coconut sponges need only a little water to become very powerful cleaning products that can scrub stubborn stains, don't worry about irritating chemicals or fumes from detergents such as bleach sprays. Nano-coconut sponges can be used on most surfaces in the home, from the stove to the sink, crayons on the table, hard water stains in the bathroom, bathtub dirt, bathtub grime, scratches on the walls and other surfaces that are often difficult to scrub.

Because the cleaning power of China's nano-composite coconut shreds is too good, especially on the surface that is easy to polish and scratch, I hope to choose the following points that you should pay attention to when using.

1. Don‘t dry wipe

The secret to nanoCoconut sponges is wetting them with water to create adsorption.

2. Don't clean the surface of cars or beautiful things.

The nano-coconut sponge looks soft, but under a microscope, the resin in the melamine foam is almost as hard as glass. Therefore, avoid wiping paint surfaces. E. G. Car Paint, Camera Lens, TV screen, etc.

3. Do not rub human skin

4. Places with particularly serious oil pollution (range hoods, stoves, etc.). ) The oil stain on the surface can be removed with detergent, and then the final dirt cleaning can be carried out with Meijia nano coconut sponge.

5. When cleaning, do not use too much force or cleaning too dirty, once found dirty, as far as possible with water to clean and re-use, so that can extend the life of the Food Network and cleaning effect.

How do you distinguish clean shredded coconut from shredded coconut?

Odour: high-quality cleaning sponges are nearly odorless, while regular cleaning sponges have a faint, unpleasant odor.

Kneading: High-quality clean coconut cotton has good flexibility and elasticity, which can be kneaded by hand, and the extrusion is not easy to break, so it can be squeezed and kneaded at will; Clean the coconut sponge regularly, and you can break it with a little force.

Usage: high-quality clean coconut sponge unit area ordinary clean coconut sponge hair number more, cleaning force is stronger, wear-resistant, more durable, almost no residue, general clean coconut sponge effect is good, but slag is more serious, easily broken, do not need.

Coconut sponges are not great cleaner production tools in the kitchen, but their pores can simultaneously hold tiny bacteria, mold and bacteria that can easily spread. Fortunately, you can choose to keep our Coconut sponge cities nearly sterile by killing bacteria in the microwave, putting the Coconut sponge in the dishwasher, or soaking the Coconut sponge in bleach. Make sure your company checks to replace Coconut sponges regularly and allows them to dry out between effective use environments.

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