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NMP market demand expands and wastewater is recycled into a “gold mine”

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  • May 22,2024
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NMP market demand expands and wastewater is recycled into a “gold mine”

The rapid development of the new energy automobile industry. Compared with traditional batteries, lithium-ion batteries are small in size, light in weight, can be charged frequently, and have a long life. They have become the first choice for power batteries in new energy vehicles.

The production process of lithium batteries is complex and involves a variety of raw and auxiliary materials. Among them, N-methylpyrrolidone is consumed hugely in the production of lithium batteries, and its price has been rising. Although the current price has dropped somewhat, it remains high.

What is NMP?

NMP, N-methylpyrrolidone,NMP supplier is an important chemical raw material with the chemical formula C5H9NO. It is a colorless to light yellow transparent liquid with the advantages of low toxicity, high boiling point, outstanding solubility, strong selectivity and good stability. Mainly used in coatings, lithium batteries, plastics, chemical production agents, agricultural chemicals, removal, cleaning and degreasing, polymer solvents and polymerization reaction solvents.

NMP application areas

1. Paint

NMP is a high temperature, corrosion-free boiler with excellent solvent properties, chemical resistance and heat resistance. As a result, NMP improves the performance of many surface coating systems. In particular,nmp these effects facilitate vulcanization drying of coatings at relatively high temperatures. NMP is suitable for the production of highly filled coatings. Because it improves rheological properties, it allows coatings to improve flow and coverage. As a result, the coating is more uniform, non-porous and crack-free, showing greater resistance and higher mechanical strength.

2. Lubricating oil refining

Furfural, phenol and NMP are commonly used in the lubricating oil solvent refining process. However, since the 1980s, most of the foreign refining solvents for furfural and phenol have been replaced by NMP.lithium from battery The lubricating base oil refined by NMP has excellent performance, and its viscosity index, oxidation stability, color, odor and transparency have been improved, ensuring that the quality of the base oil reaches the standards of natural petroleum base oil and hydrorefined base oil. However, raw oil contains organic acids. In the NMP refining process, the solvent recovery system uses steam stripping, and NMP is miscible with water. Therefore, during the heating process of lubricating oil refining, NMP is easily hydrolyzed, causing the acid value of the refined oil to increase, which in turn leads to corrosion problems in the device. However, the addition of alkaline ethanolamine can effectively reduce its acid value, thereby slowing down the corrosion rate of the device; NMP refineries should use 254SMo high-molybdenum steel and F921 preservatives, which also have good anti-corrosion effects.

3.Aramid fiber

Aramid fiber is currently the fastest growing high-tech specialty fiber in the world with excellent comprehensive properties, good insulation properties, acid and alkali resistance, and high temperature resistance. Therefore, it is widely used in high-tech fields such as aerospace, national defense, electronic communications, etc. The low-temperature solution polycondensation method using NMP as the solvent is currently the most mature method for synthesizing aramid fibers, which can synthesize aramid fibers with high specific concentration and logarithmic viscosity.

4.Lithium battery

Generally speaking, lithium auxiliary materials mainly include solvents and binders. The main function of the solvent is to dissolve the positive and negative active materials, while the main function of the binder is to bond the active materials to the current collector. Among them, PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) is the most commonly used cathode binder, and NMP is the most commonly used solvent. In the batching stage, NMP serves as a solvent for PVDF and participates in the dispersion of the slurry to form a slurry with uniform medium and long-term stable viscosity. In the coating stage, NMP serves as the main liquid carrier of the slurry, allowing the slurry to be evenly coated on the metal substrate with a stable thickness; in the coating and baking stages, NMP evaporates from the wet film at a stable rate, A porous microelectrode structure with uniform pore diameter is formed.