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Are ceiling speakers a good idea?

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  • Jun 07,2022
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Are ceiling speakers a good idea?

Are ceiling speakers a good idea?

Are ceiling speakers good for music? Yes, ceiling speakers are great for music. They have the ability to create a surround sound feeling that envelops you, in the same way as being at a concert hall or live music event might.

Do ceiling speakers make a difference?

With in-ceiling speakers, you can better mimic the same multi-dimensional sound found in movie theaters in your home, no matter the living area or space that they are located in. They help provide an immersive listening experience.

How do in-ceiling speakers get power?

Do ceiling speakers need mains power? No, ceiling speakers are usually passive speakers which mean they do not have built-in amplifiers, and instead receive their power via speaker cable that is run from an external amplifier. This is achieved by wiring each ceiling speaker up to the binding posts on the Amp.

How many ceiling speakers do I need per room?

As a rough guide, we generally recommend that for rooms that are larger than 3 metres x 3 metres you use one pair of ceiling speakers, and for rooms bigger than 5 metres x 5 metres two pairs of ceiling speakers will offer a more balanced sound.

Do you need a subwoofer with ceiling speakers?

Do you need a subwoofer for ceiling speakers? A subwoofer isn't required with ceiling speakers, but it will help in handling all the bass or low-end frequencies that ceiling speakers can't produce. Plus, it greatly enhances the experience of your sound system as a whole.