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Moisturizing is really not simple, want a perfect touchdown

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  • Nov 14,2023
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Moisturizing is really not simple, want a perfect touchdown

Moisturizing is really not simple, want a perfect touchdown, do not spend some thought to help the skin card oil pinch water, that can not ah.

After all, a healthy skin needs a balance of oil and water. Thermage FLX In other words, the skin needs enough water and the right amount of sebum. Even if you don't seriously hydrate, you don't even need to replenish your energy and wake up every morning with a natural glow; However, water is never enough for the skin, the reason is that the skin will secrete oil, rather than its own moisture ah, care expert Andy has a point.

The importance of moisture to the skin can be imagined! Once the skin's keratin metabolism is disturbed, the natural moisturizing barrier is destroyed, or is sensitive and mature, unhealthy and unsound skin is difficult to hold water, especially in the dry and cold autumn and winter. If you want to feel moisturized, only oil and water will please your skin. Water without oil or oil without water, when moisturizing will feel very weak, nothing.

Are you low on oil, or are you low on water?

Find out if your skin needs oil or water to moisturize easily.

Visually, as long as the enviable sense of natural light becomes dim, it is a sign of water shortage; When the skin has dried orange peel or peeling, it is lack of water and oil.

Want to see clues from the steps of maintenance, maintenance expert Kaijun told us that when the healthy skin is finished with toner and cotton pad, it will feel full of water, dehydrated skin is like a dry sponge, there is no feeling after rubbing, the skin feels tight rough ups and downs, not smooth at all. As for whether the lack of oil touches the skin surface is dry, this is the elderly keratine metabolism is not normal, obviously lack of oil dry skin, the most terrible is the feeling of sagging, as well as the appearance of wrinkles.

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Kelly, Clinique's training manager, looks for flaws in her makeup. General oil-water balance of healthy skin cosmetics wear and paste integrity, and oil-out cosmetics, that is, lack of moisture resulting in oil-water imbalance will oil out; Dry cosmetics, it is too refreshing, keep no moisture before the cosmetics, so the moisture after wiping moisture or rapid evaporation, so it is necessary to improve the texture of the moisturizing oil, or in the original moisturizing with refreshing oil, in order to continue the durability of skin moisture.

How much are you doing right in moisturizing?

Therefore, the lack of both oil and water is not enough, which can grasp the water is a necessity. In general, the normal skin cuticle water content is about 20% to 35%, and when the cuticle water content is less than 10%, the skin will issue a water shortage alarm, which not only greatly leads to the overall skin feeling, but also produces metabolic problems of old cuticle.

In fact, how to contribute water to the skin is a trace that can be traced. When the skin is oily, it means that the skin needs more water to maintain its oil-water balance. However, the most common moisturizing mistake many people make is to think that the oil will be suppressed, and few people do not know that this is what we often hear about the oil drying outside the skin, this time the skin needs more moisture, especially Asian women with mixed muscles are most likely to make this mistake.

In addition, most people often think about replenishing water, but often forget to replenish oil, so the skin is still dry, may unknowingly fall into the aging crisis, Kaijun reminded. In short, remember that when the skin is shiny, you need to hydrate more to achieve a balance of oil and water; If it feels tight, it means that the maintenance at this stage is too refreshing, and it is necessary to replenish the oil to retain the moisture that is easily lost for the skin.