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Why is it that even if the house is visibly airtight

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  • Nov 18,2022
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Why is there continually "lint" in my home, even when the windows are securely closed? How come there is still lint in my house despite my thorough cleaning?

Cleaning home hygiene is not the most difficult task for many women;cordless vacuum cleaner supplier the most difficult task should be cleaning the home floor and air floating dust and lint, and today we will discuss why home cleaning, but there is still so much lint and dust it!

Determine the source of these hairs first.

A, the dust and hair haven

Keeping pets at home, or a mix of falling hair and dust, is how to clean the hair and hair. If hair at home is not cleaned on a regular basis, the floor will seem especially unclean and gray, reducing our home comfort!

Second, the frequent hair loss of the quilt raw material hair

Covers are one of the primary sources of lint-like trash for resting sheets every day. Because most quilts are now cotton, the primary raw material for a space quilt is cotton, duck down, goose down, and so on. And, as a result of the frequent changes in the process of daily usage, the quilt will create a huge number of short down, which will fly out through the warp and weft mesh of the quilt and the cover, flutter in the air, and then gently fall in different areas around the room. At this time, let this lint-like junk naturally flow together after the construction of a mass of lint-like garbage, and this lint-like garbage beneath the bed is frequently the most, do not think that you may go to see.

Clothing is number three.

Normally, no matter what kind of clothes we wear at home, we can't avoid the friction between the fabric and the fabric, and then the fibers on the clothes will fall off because of the friction, although it is not obvious, but the clothes are worn for a long time or you can find some places that are frequently rubbed to, the fabric will slowly become thin, and then when washing clothes, the net bag of the washing machine also has many of these clumps of Lint.

Bed sofas, like short furniture, have a bottom that is simple to conceal dust but also difficult to clean. A large amount of dust and lint will gather over time and, owing to electrostatic adsorption, will form a clump.

These lint dust not only seem untidy, but dust mites that the human eye cannot see will also impact the health of the family, particularly allergic individuals, causing sneezing, runny nose, and other symptoms.

How can we properly get rid of lint in our homes?

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