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AOI machine vision inspection system in the textile and apparel industry applications

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  • Nov 13,2023
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AOI machine vision inspection system in the textile and apparel industry applications

In the wave of digital technology innovation, the textile and apparel industry has ushered in a new round of industrial upgrading opportunities. Rapidly changing market fashion elements and changing consumer tastes, coupled with large-scale e-commerce activities that bring in a large number of apparel orders, vision system companies must require the textile and apparel industry to be flat, level, and fast in the apparel design and production process in order to meet consumer demand. However, it is difficult to automate and fine-tune the production process due to high labor costs, low productivity, and inconsistent garment quality.

High labor cost:As a typical labor-intensive industry, the textile and garment industry has a large proportion of labor cost. Traditional textile and garment factories are "overloaded" in all production processes, and there is little room for labor reduction;

Low production efficiency: In traditional garment manufacturing enterprises, the production and order process is initiated and handled manually, which takes a lot of time from garment production to order management. Therefore, it is difficult to cope with the fast-paced market competition due to the delay in garment production.

Unstable quality control: Due to the natural environmental attributes of human beings, automated inspection system is difficult for workers to effectively avoid being affected by factors such as burnout, emotional fluctuations, negligence, and lack of concentration, which leads to unstable and inconsistent quality of production and life of China's apparel enterprises. At the same time, quality inspectors are affected by their own skills and inspection time, can not carry out timely and accurate discovery of China's clothing design defects, but also will have a serious impact on the quality and safety inspection system of clothing.

To realize the Chinese textile and garment design industry's production management process automation, reduce the company's human resources cost investment and improve the quality of social production and life, machine vision is undoubtedly a very important direction. Defect vision inspection and control system can detect buttons zippers printing labels and other common appearance defects, greatly reducing the impact of defects on the product,automatic visual inspection system to achieve safe and stable output of teaching quality.

Aoi machine vision inspection system in the textile and garment industry applications

Button inspection requirements: size measurement, accuracy ± 0.05mm, character detection, appearance defects;

Zipper detection requirements: positive and negative sprocket detection, sprocket teeth are missing, sprocket teeth are not extruded, scratches bad;

Printing detection requirements:

(1) bursting: font loosening due to external forces;

(2) Drop letters:Font partially detached;

(3) Trachoma: incorrect fonts.

(4) Re-shading:The printing ink is not correctly aligned and blurred;

(5) Mesh blockage: no ink, trachoma;

(6) Ink leakage: bad ink, bad trachoma;

(7) Ink leakage: bad ink, bad trachoma

(6) Leakage of ink: rotten mesh;

(7) Incomplete letters: missing letters;

(8) Scratch: wear and tear by foreign objects when printing.