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Word document skills to come! Learn these tricks to help you improve your productivity tenfold!

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  • Sep 12,2023
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Hello everyone, share a little office skills every day!

In the daily work and office, friends will deal with word, excel, ppt every day. Have friends ever wondered why other people only need ten minutes to deal with a document,convert scanned pdf to word online free while they need an hour or even longer?

The fact is that there are many tricks to use these office software. Mastering these skills can make you work twice as hard, twice as much, greatly improving your office efficiency, today small F and you share some of the text use skills,scanned pdf to word converter online the need to remember to collect children point to see Oh!

1. word function shortcuts

First of all, to improve the efficiency of the word, is not the first thing that comes to mind a lot of partners is a shortcut, yes, word has a lot of shortcuts, you can get a substantial increase in the speed of information processing for our design documents,investintech free online pdf to word converter commonly used shortcuts are as follows:

2. text to form

word text to form only need to select the text, in the [Insert] - [Forms], select [Text to Form], set up a good form of rows and columns, click [OK] can be.

3.word one key to pdf

Workplace office, often need to format conversion, Word to PDF can be a one-click operation, use the shortcut key F12, open the Save As window, will save the type to [ PDF (.pdf)], click [Save] can be.

But we often need to work in the batch processing of documents, one by one manual conversion is too slow, this time we can use PDF Converter inside the [Word to PDF] function, a key batch operation! Browser search for PDF Converter can be downloaded.

4. Word quickly remove blank pages

If the document has more than one blank page needs to be deleted, you can use Find Replace to achieve, use the Word shortcut "Ctrl + H", open the Find Replace window. Then click "Advanced" or "More", in the "Special Format" in the "manual page breaks". Then click "Replace All", all the blank pages in the text will be deleted.

5. Find and Replace Words

Maybe not many friends usually use this function. Although it seems inconspicuous, but when checking the article with it to correct the text and deal with the space is very convenient, do not have to filter their own.

We just need to click on the toolbar in turn [Start] - [Find and Replace], enter the contents of the search and replace the content, and then click [Replace All] can be.