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Hong Kong identity has many benefits, but these 5 types of people must not apply!

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  • Sep 07,2023
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Hong Kong talent this year, there are big moves, not only to liberalize the application quota, but also adjusted the list of occupations. All kinds of measures can be said to be a disguised lowering of the threshold of a performance, in order to attract as many talents as possible.

However, Hong Kong Talent is not suitable for all people to apply working visa extension hong kong, especially the following kinds of people, do is also a companion.

1. People without degree certificates.

Hong Kong's most basic academic requirement for talent is a bachelor's degree. If you do not have a degree certificate, it is recommended that you directly give up the talent and choose other ways to apply.

2. People whose children are overage.

Regardless of the Hong Kong Talent Specialist or High Talent, it takes seven years to change the permanent residence. If you want your children to participate in the Joint Entrance Examination for Overseas Chinese Students or participate in the Mainland Exemption Examination for Recruitment through the DSE Examination, you need the Hong Kong Permanent Residence and the Home Visit Permit in order to study in a prestigious mainland school (except for the One-Way Permit).

Coupled with Hong Kong's talent application cycle, it is recommended that children start applying before the age of 9 if there is a child education program.

3. Those whose industries do not have an advantage.

Not all industries are suitable for talent application, such as teachers, sales, staffing, etc. It is more difficult to get approval.

In general, Hong Kong prefers talents from prestigious universities and companies, and those positions on the talent list. The Hong Kong Government must welcome these talents. If you fulfill any of them, you can get 30 points, and the pass rate will naturally increase.

4. People with low scores.

If your self-scoring score of meritocracy is around 80 points and you have no other advantages, it is recommended not to choose the meritocracy way to get Hong Kong identity, the passing rate is really not high.

Unless you are a talent in a special industry, have made significant contributions or have won a number of international awards to have hope.

For example, the following cases:

Young + Famous Schools + Polytechnic Business majors (Engineering, Fintech, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, etc.) or

Rich working experience in famous companies (e.g. rich working and management experience in talent directory, game development, new material development, big data, algorithm, artificial intelligence, technology development and other related industries)

If the overall conditions are general, there is no industry and prestigious school background to add the advantage of applying, 80 points is not recommended to apply rashly.

5. People who don't have time to go to Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong Talent Renewal Scheme is flexible. There are no mandatory residency or employment requirements, but you don't have to do nothing. You must meet the general residence requirement before you can successfully apply for permanent residence.

For example, your children are studying in Hong Kong, you have business dealings, you are employed by a Hong Kong company, you are starting a business in Hong Kong, you have a certain trail of residence each year, or you provide proof of address.

The objective of the Scheme is to contribute to Hong Kong. We must do our part to enjoy the benefits of Hong Kong.