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Buying a vacuum cleaner because you're afraid of being pitted is sufficient; a detailed explanation follows.

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  • Feb 14,2023
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Family cleanliness can provide a sense of well-being for thewet and dry handheld vacuum cleanerfamily, but work is exhausting and will not do housework. The house is full of dust, just looking at it makes you want to move, but the traditional broom and mop are often ineffective and easy to conceal dirt; choosing a product that can reduce our workload has become the first choice of many modern families, for cleaning tools, either wireless vacuum cleaners or sweeping robots!

Should you buy a sweeping robot or a vacuum cleaner?

It can meet the cleaning requirements of ordinary ground for sweeping robots. However, it still has flaws, such as the presence of areas that cannot be swept, such as mattresses, cabinets, and so on, and sweeping robots generally have limited inhalation power, can only perform daily ground cleaning, and cannot suck out deep dust, making the scene very limited.

And now, the handheld cordless vacuum cleaner, inhalationThom Browne Kids HK power is several times that of the sweeping robot, not only can clean the floor and cabinets, but can also be sucked out of the carpet, mattress, sofa deep dust and dirt, more scenes and efficiency will be greatly improved.

It's nearly twelve o'clock, and it's a good time to buy big things. However, there are numerous brands and price points of vacuum cleaners on the market; how should I ultimately choose? How many hidden traps await you on your way to buy a vacuum cleaner?

Choosing a Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Many friends in purchasing vacuum cleaners, the first thing to qs world university rankingsconsider is the suction power, but the size of the suction power simply look at the parameters, and how can we see, so many brands of vacuum cleaners online, it appears that every vacuum cleaner will say that they have a large suction power, and manufacturers marked suction power units are also varied, a variety of terms and units of unknown meaning, see people dazzled.

This creates the impression that the higher the number, the stronger the suction and the cleaner the cleaning. If you don't look at the units and compare the values, the "suction power" at the same price can appear to be more than ten times worse, some prices are so low why the suction power is also so high, many people let the trance feel that hundreds of vacuum cleaners seem to be more powerful, then you are wasting money, because many numbers are sometimes used to confuse people.

A few key characteristics of a cordless vacuum cleaner

Suction strength

A powerful vacuum cleaner may not have a lot of suction power because of the problem of completely sealing the product. The main reference for the size of the vacuum cleaner suction power is the inhalation power to reflect, for example, the general one kilowatt vacuum cleaner on the market, inhalation power in the neighborhood of two hundred watts.

Cyclone (the ability to separate dust and gas) (the ability to separate dust and gas)

The vacuum cleaner's cyclone is a key indicator to determine the vacuum cleaner's ability to resist weakening in the use of anti-inhalation, theoretically the more cyclone, the stronger the vacuum cleaner's ability to resist weakening, but the cyclone must also be in the motor of a consistent and stable power power range.

This is a problem shared by all cordless vacuum cleaner manufacturers, and this indicator is the most telling difference between a good and a bad vacuum cleaner.

The greater the inhalation power, the better the airtightness of the vacuum cleaner, the greater the vacuum generated, and the stronger the natural cleaning ability.

Treatment of exhaust gases

The stronger the vacuum cleaner's exhaust gas treatment ability, the higher the quality, and of course, this is also in the home cleaning process, will not form secondary pollution key is to see this higher emission indicators.

The sound of mechanical movement

The vacuum cleaner will make a sound once it is turned on, and for many low-quality vacuum cleaners, the noise is simply unbearable.