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The rags get greasy after one use, this is an easy way to fix it

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Teach you how to clean greasy rags

1.Cook with edible alkali

Edible alkali has good degreasing effect and can effectively remove grease. Put the rags into a pot, add a little water, bring to a boil, add cooking soda, stir back and forth to make it completely dissolved, boil for five minutes and then take it out to clean it.china konjac sponge Tip: If there is mold on the rag, you can also use light alkaline water to scrub and remove.

2.Cook with eggshells

Egg whites will remain in the eggshells. Egg whites contain alkaline substances that can be hydrolyzed with oil and dirt to remove stains. Put the rag in a pot, add eggshells and water, cook on high heat for about 6 minutes, then remove and wash.cellulose dishcloth wholesale

3.Cook with lemon water

Lemon contains volatile oil components, in the heating process, volatile oil volatilization fast, can quickly dissolve oil stains. When cleaning rags, lemon juice can not be too little, so you can first squeeze out the rag soaked in lemon juice, and then put it into the pot to boil, and then take it out and wash it.scrubber wholesale

4. Boil with soapy water

It is easy to feel sticky when the grease stains accumulate on the rags for a long time. Boiling with soap can effectively remove oil stains. Put the rags in a pot and boil them with soapy water, then take them out and brush them and dry them in the sun.

Steps for cleaning kitchen rags:

1.boiling water steaming

The rags carry on without us every time we can use the network after a boil, to ensure that they cook once a day is good. Put a lot of water in the pot, boil, put in the rags into it, cook for five minutes, and then wash with water to deal with clean and wring dry to dry.


After each use of rags, must be washed and wrung out to dry, can not be conveniently thrown there to complete, next time can not be used, so that the bacteria inside will be more terrible Oh.

3. sunlight exposure

No matter where the rags, must must be put in the sun daily, the best and the most no side effects of disinfection is the sun, clean rags, in the sun when the sun is sufficient to effectively remove the rags in the odor, and "clean kill" the bacteria that remain.

4. Soak in sterilized water

If you are using kitchen rags, you will use boiling water to sterilize them directly. However, if it is just used for wiping, such as windowsill, it will be soaked in disinfectant water for 15 minutes every two days, and then washed and dried normally.

Tips for cleaning rags

The rags should basically be as soft and clean as they should be, not too hard, not sticky and especially not visibly unclean. It is recommended that you decide whether you need to change the rags according to the cleanliness, and try to change them once every two or three months. In particular, rags that frequently touch dishes should be boiled in boiling water with a little alkali added for about a week, usually for no less than five minutes.

After each use, use a cleaning agent directly and thoroughly without washing, and fully processed rinsing. After cleaning the rag, in addition to the sun in the sun food sterilization, but also can be soaked and put into a home smart microwave oven, with high heat for two to three minutes of microwave environmental disinfection. If the hygienic technology is more demanding, it can be done through the use of chlorine-containing sanitizers by putting about 250 milligrams per liter of water and soaking for more than 30 minutes.

It is advisable to carry out the selection of rags, but also to pick a suitable material according to the purpose. Dishcloths can also be made from the flesh of a loofah, which removes stains and is environmentally friendly. Other main purpose of the rag can be designed to choose cotton, non-woven and other materials, now we have a kind of disposable paper rags although it can be convenient, but inevitably produce a certain amount of waste.

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