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Take note of these five points. With closed eyes, a wireless vacuum cleaner can be purchased.

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  • Feb 09,2023
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The first point is to consider the suction power size; buying the wrong equal means not buying.

As a smart product that efficiently solves household cleaning problems and leaves your home spotless, the vacuuming ability, also known as suction power, is especially important. The suction power of a vacuum cleaner generally determines its price, and the higher the suction power, the more expensive the vacuum cleaner.

What suction power is appropriate for the average home user? I personally recommend sommelier hong kongthat the maximum suction power not be less than 100AW. You should know that the brand labeled suction power value is usually the maximum suction power, that is, the shortest vacuum cleaner life suction power; if the maximum suction power is too low, it means that the vacuum cleaner will lose more life time. And while 100AW suction power is adequate for most household waste cleaning, the maximum gear duration of such vacuum cleaners is usually more general.

Second, consider the endurance time required to sweep.

The endurance of wireless vacuum cleaners is important because no one wants to clean half of the machine out of power, and the endurance is determined by the type of vacuum cleaner battery and capacity. The vacuum cleaner batteries on the market are roughly classified as NiCd, NiMH, and Li-ion batteries, and the service life of each battery type varies. For the time being, many brands prefer lithium batteries. Most vacuum cleaners use lithium batteries, which are both safe and secure.

Furthermore, some vacuum cleaners will come with two batteries for the machine, one of which is removable and can be charged while using the other. Users can also purchase additional battery backups based on their needs, which is ideal for large households.

In terms of endurance time, current mainstream vacuum cleaners can basically do more than 30 minutes of endurance in low gear, but for some particles of larger garbage, low-grade suction is basically not clean, so it is recommended that you choose a high-grade endurance time of 15 minutes or more, so that the endurance is reliable to complete a complete cleaning.

The third point is to examine the filtration system in order to eliminate secondary pollution.

Many people choose a vacuum cleaner based solely on suction power, ignoring the vacuum cleaner's best vacuum cleaner for carpet and hardwoodexhaust indicators. In reality, a vacuum cleaner is an air circulation device that draws indoor air into the dust barrel and then discharges it after filtration. If the filtration system is inadequate, a large amount of dust will be discharged, resulting in secondary pollution.

When the exhaust PM2.5 and PM10 values are zero, the filtering effect is comparable to that of an air purifier.

When selecting a vacuum cleaner, consider the filtering capacity. It is recommended that products with multi-cone cyclones be accompanied by H12 H13 level HEPA filters to protect the health of users.

The fourth point is critical: when purchasing vacuum cleaners, do not be greedy for a low price.

Many friends asked me if I could buy a XX vacuum cleaner for 300 yuan. When you ask, "If you can really buy it, why do you still have doubts?" you already have the answer. My response is that any vacuum cleaner priced under 1000 yuan should be avoided. Vacuum cleaners are not run off from the material to the production line to the publicity costs to the cost of sales, so you can imagine that the performance of a vacuum cleaner that costs several hundred dollars is bound to be greatly reduced.

Personally, I believe that if the family's long-term use is within the 1500 yuan price range, the average Marni Kids HKuser's budget should not exceed 3000 yuan.

The fifth point is that a well-known brand is extremely trustworthy.

The impact of large brands will not disappoint you.

Having said that, I believe we have become more adept at purchasing vacuum cleaners, and there is one final point to consider: the brand and reputation. Personal advice is to choose the big brand, old brand. You may argue that this is vanity, but it is not only to pursue the brand name, but also the quality, protection, and experience of using the big brand products is better than the small brand products.