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How to remove the smell of pets at home and does air purifier work?

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  • Jun 23,2022
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How to remove the smell of pets at home and does air purifier work?

Having a pet at home brings a lot air purifier for pet odor of joy and is for a thing that has a very warmth. However, when keeping pets we will inevitably have some of these odors at home, and as the weather in China gets hotter and hotter, the odors can be more pronounced. So how do students carry out to remove the odor?

The sources of these odors are often global payments credit card processing multifaceted, including pet feces, hidden odors in the hair, odors in the toes ears and other parts of the body, and so on. In addition, some odors are also caused by the growth of bacteria and microorganisms on pets. Long-term odor disturbance is harmful to the pets themselves and also a threat to the health of the pet owners, so care must be taken to remove odors.

However, to eliminate pet odor, Nepia Whito we need to do it "inside and outside". On the one hand, we need to do a good job of pet hygiene, on the other hand, we also need to do a good job of hygiene of the whole room. Usually open more windows to ventilate, is also a simple and effective method. Families with conditions can use air purifiers, which can also be a cost-effective option, not only to remove odors, such as cat hair floating in the air, bacteria, etc., can also be treated through the air purifier.

When choosing an air purifier, we must look at its cleaning ability. For example, Mika 4 series air purifier uses a 3-in-1 filter which includes a primary filter, a high performance filter and a high quality activated carbon filter that effectively removes 99.97% of 0.3 μm particles. Among them, the primary filter traps some larger particles such as hair, dust and other suspended matter; the high performance filter mainly removes some particles that can block bacteria; and the high quality activated carbon effectively adsorbs harmful substances and effectively removes odors from the air.

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