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What are the key points to consider when choosing the right Lora module

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What are the key points to consider when choosing the right Lora module

With the continuous innovation and development of IoT communication network technology, LoRa module design has become more and more perfect.

Domestic and foreign wireless remote meter reading projects, wireless modules companies irrigation projects, etc. are using LoRa modules to control.

What are the key points to consider when choosing a suitable LoRa module to help enterprise customers choose the right module?

1. High sensitivity, strong resistance to interference

LoRa module uses LoRa wireless frequency expansion technology, receiving sensitivity up to -139dBm, with better penetration than the traditional GFSK and FSK module, strong anti-interference ability is one of the advantages of LoRa module. Can greatly reduce the number of gateways and construction costs.

Long transmission distance

In complex environments such as jungles and lakes, industrial control fields often require long communication distances. This invention can solve the problem of low power consumption and long distance, which is suitable for the projects that need wireless meter reading and industrial control.

Low power consumption

This is one of the important points to consider when choosing a module. In order to save energy, reduce heat, and extend the life of the product, this is especially important for devices that require battery power.

Wireless products that use batteries need to be recharged, replaced, or designed for long life power. It may not seem important to replace batteries, but when customers have thousands of devices, the resources required and the subsequent cost become very important.

Choosing a LoRa module with low power consumption is important to save energy and extend the life of the product.

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