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【2020 Mid-Autumn Festival】 Hong Kong Mid-Autumn Festival holiday is a good place to play

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  • Sep 15,2020
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【2020 Mid-Autumn Festival】 Hong Kong Mid-Autumn Festival holiday is a good place to play

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, the two people and the moon are reunited. Celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival is nothing more than having dinner with relatives and friends, playing lanterns, and eating moon cakes? Every year, various districts in Hong Kong hold a series of special Mid-Autumn Festival programs and activities, such as the Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival, Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance, Autumn Youth Art Festival, Fire Dragon Dance to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, as well as shopping mall-themed check-in arrangements. Most of them are free to participate. Good place for Mid-Autumn Festival this year.

Finally sprint to buy mooncakes, don't miss the 2020 Mid-Autumn Festival mooncakes popular new flavors and the promotion of nine time-honored mooncakes in Hong Kong.

Where should I go to watch the moon? Of course, looking up high, we will introduce you to the best rooftop bars in Hong Kong; while watching the moon and the sea, we will introduce you to the local freehand promenade!

New Town Plaza "Kumamon 10th Anniversary Date: Bear Flower Paradise"

Good place New Town Plaza, Shatin until September 30, 2020

2020 coincides with the 10th anniversary of the birth of Kumamon, a popular Japanese bear. Shatian New Town Plaza brings a lovely theme arrangement of "Kumamon 10th Anniversary Date: Bear Flower Paradise", restoring the Higashihara Ruins Park in Yamaga City, Kumamoto Prefecture. , To create Hong Kong’s first 1,000-foot indoor sunflower garden in the first phase of the Roman round demonstrator field in the shopping mall, blooming simultaneously with the Japanese sunflower fields, allowing Hong Kong people to feel the joy of traveling to Japan! There are a total of six check-in spots in the venue, such as the four-meter-high giant Kumamon, the 10th anniversary pink love hot air balloon, and the sunflower care area. There are interactive games on site. Everyone has a chance to win the Kumamon bear boutique. Remember to check out the New Town Plaza x Kumamon Ten Anniversary theme limited gifts.

This summer, the Tseung Kwan O PopWalk will gather Hong Kong fans’ favorite Sanrio characters! From now until October 4, PopWalk in Tseung Kwan O will hold the "Sanrio characters Summer Happiness Story" theme event. The "2020 Sanrio Character Ranking" in Hong Kong is the top three favorite Sanrio characters AP ducks, pudding dogs and PC dogs. Landed in the mall with friends Keroppi and "Egg Yolk" and roamed the romantic flower field with you. The open-air promenade of the mall turns into a sea of ​​sunflowers with a length of over 20 meters. The lights will be lit at night. You can enjoy the Sanrio characters themed silhouette lighting and the sea of ​​colorful stars and lights, which is very romantic. In addition, don’t miss the cute check-in slots. AP ducks and Keroppi take care of sunflowers in the "Lucky Four-leaf Clover Garden", the PC dogs and lazy combs on the "Sunshine Float", and the "Midsummer Appreciation Midsummer Appreciation" in the third phase of the mall. "Hua Ting" dozing off a Pudian dog and so on, it's the best time to check in on the Mid-Autumn Festival.

"Purple at North Point Meeting" Flower Summer Festival

Good place North Point, North Point until October 4, 2020

Following the "Sakura Festival", the North Point Meeting will hold the "Purple at North Point Meeting" flower summer festival from now until October 4, creating a 3,000-foot purple flower sea in the second-stage outdoor waterfront park of the mall! Based on the Fukuoka Hanoi Rattan Garden, there is a 20-meter-long wisteria tunnel, a crescent-shaped purple sea flower field and a giant butterfly installation. The purple control must go! (The Point by SHKP members can redeem the "Wisteria Tunnel" and "Purple Sea Flower Fields" admission card with 100 points, and register as a member on the spot to earn 500 welcome points.) The Point by SHKP has prepared 12 purple-themed boutiques, powered by Bruno fans 、Sandwich maker to Guerlain lipstick, Jurlique flower water and other daily goodies and personal care products, allowing The Point members to save points for redemption after consumption; members with "紫" in Chinese name or "Purple" in English name can be used Receive a small purple flower potted plant for free, and other members can redeem it with spending over $200 at North Point. In addition, the "Zixiang Shopping Festival" brings together a series of purple products, offering a 10% discount, as well as themed blessing bags worth over one million, ranging from purple anti-epidemic items to kitchenware, beauty jewelry, electronic products, and household goods. Wait, go grab it now!

Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance 2020 (Cancelled)

Good places Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance, Tai Hang September 30, 2020-October 2, 2020

Speaking of the Mid-Autumn Festival, we must mention the fire dragon dance in Dakeng. Every year, Taikeng neighborhoods celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, admire the moon and chase the moon for three days (from August 14th to 16th of the lunar calendar). At night, the fire dragon composed of tens of thousands of incense sticks dances and cruises through the streets and alleys. . The fire dragon dance tradition has a history of over 100 years. It is said that it was originally designed to get rid of the plague and gradually became a mid-autumn event in Hong Kong. The official website indicated that it was originally scheduled to be held from September 30 to October 2, 2020. However, in response to the gathering restriction order, the 2020 event was announced to be cancelled. The organizer hopes to re-organize the fire dragon dance before the epidemic is under control by the end of the year.

Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival (Cancelled)

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department will hold lantern evenings in all districts, all admission is free. In addition to themed festival lanterns and light and shadow installations, there are also folk songs and dances, traditional performances, lantern riddles, traditional craft demonstrations and workshops. However, in response to the latest situation of the epidemic in 2020, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department announced the cancellation of the Mid-Autumn Lantern Carnival and Lantern Show originally scheduled to be held in Victoria Park, Tai Po Waterfront Park, Tsing Yi Park and the Piazza of the Hong Kong Cultural Centre.