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What are the causes of dry genitals?

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  • Aug 18,2020
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1. Incorrect bathing method

The vestibular system is located below the Vaginal dryness(陰道乾) inner side of the labia minora. The vestibular information can secrete mucus, which has a moist environment function. The vestibular system only needs to be washed with water when showering. If soap is used, it may cause the vestibular dryness. For certain problems, clean the genitals with warm water, and the water temperature should not be too hot, otherwise it will affect the patient's skin to appear dry. It is not necessary to use a soap to clean properly. Soap that feels unclean can be used to clean the vulva and labia majora. Choose a non-alkaline, preferably neutral soap without adding some fragrances. Be careful not to clean the vagina by yourself.

2. Side effects of drugs

If your skin is not only the genitals that can be irritated by people's certain social substances, or even the whole body skin directly leads to allergies, it is best to find the allergens and slowly start to get better after avoiding them. In addition, taking or using some research drugs can also cause genital dryness. Please refer to the drug design instructions. Usually, it can be relieved after stopping the drug. Some short-acting contraceptives for recurrence of estrogen and progesterone may also affect the dryness of the genitals.

3. Chronic diseases

Because the lubricating fluid secreted through the vagina comes from the blood flowing through the vaginal wall, the development of high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, diabetes and some other connective tissue diseases will cause our blood vessels to lose an elasticity and no longer have to secrete a fluid. Lubricate the vagina; of course, there are many skin diseases that can also cause dry genitals.

4. Bartholinitis and vaginitis

If there is some inflammation of the vestibular glands and vaginitis, it will reduce the vaginal secretion and cause dryness of the genitals. Of course, some female employees may affect the abnormal secretion of the system.

5. Underweight and excessive exercise lead to amenorrhea

Low body weight can lead to lack of estrogen in the body, which will produce amenorrhea, which is common in women with anorexia. In addition, this situation often occurs in athletes, especially runners after intensive training. The brain will think that menstruation is stopped. It is safer for the reproductive system, so it stops secreting hormones and causes amenorrhea. Long time amenorrhea can cause symptoms of dry genitals.

6. Premature ovarian failure and menopause

The main ovarian failure has led to the continuous decline of estrogen and progesterone levels. Whether it is for premature ovarian failure or menopause, genital dryness is one of the symptoms of menopausal syndrome. It is recommended that after elimination of contraindications, hormones should be used as early as possible to replace traditional treatment, and early treatment can benefit early. Not only can we effectively relieve menopausal symptoms, including vaginal dryness, but also improve the prevention of osteoporosis and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

In short, it is necessary to find out the cause of the dry genitals before the symptomatic medication can be used. If there is no discomfort in sexual life, you can use some vitamin E oil and lubricants to increase the lubricity of the patient's vagina. Of course, you can lengthen the foreplay time before having sex. Management is also a kind of love treatment, better than ointment.