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Elderly Phone Plan is more suitable for elders in the family.

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  • Jan 24,2024
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Elderly Phone Plan is more suitable for elders in the family.

In the era of smart phones, many elders in the family have not only learned how to use smart phones for communication, but also can use it to read news, magazines, watch different types of short videos, dramas, and some more trendy elders even know how to play mahjong or board games through online. Elderly Phone Plan is specially designed for these elderly people to ensure that there is enough data for them to use and avoid the problem of data explosion.

Elderly Phone Plan understands the needs of the elderly.

Currently, all major telecommunication companies in Hong Kong have launched the Elderly Phone Plan, which is specially designed for the "silver-haired", catering to the usage habits and needs of different types of elderly people. When choosing a suitable Elderphone Plan for your elders, you can give priority to the plan with more flexible data traffic, especially if your elders need to use more data when they go out, so telecommunication companies will offer basic version and high traffic version according to different needs. If you have WiFi at home and do not go out frequently, it is recommended that you choose the basic version, and conversely, the high volume version with more data is recommended.

Elderly Phone Plan is actually not expensive

Many elderly people think that if they need to use traffic data, they will have to spend more money every month, and once they can't use up all the data, it is not cost-effective to have excess data. To address this issue, even if you pay every month, the cost is not too high. If you want a more cost-effective plan, we suggest paying a certain amount of money in one lump sum, which will greatly increase the price-performance ratio after averaging into each month. In addition, a one-off payment can also prevent the phone service from being suspended when the elderly forget to pay the bill.

Elderly Phone Plan application is quick and easy

If you want to know more about Senior Citizen Telephone Plan, apart from consulting with the telecom companies, there are also many detailed introductions available on the internet nowadays. For those who find the ElderTel Plan suitable, they can directly apply for it online without going out, which is more suitable for those who are busy with their work and can consult their elders at home at any time.