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Are you using the right counter? This is directly related to our dietary health oh

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  • Dec 06,2023
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artificial stone countertops

Kitchen is the birthplace of our healthy diet, a good kitchen environment can provide us with a healthy diet, but the kitchen counter is also the most frequently used and inevitable when we cook and make food.low silica benchtops Do you know what kind of worktops there are? What are the differences between each species? Which worktop is better suited to our kitchen and daily cooking needs? Take these questions and discover the secrets with Xiaogu! Find out what bothers us!

1. Artificial stone countertops

Artificial stone is one of the most commonly used countertop materials in the market, which is made from unsaturated polyester resin mixed with fillers and pigments, adding a small amount of initiator, and made through certain processing procedures. Mainstream artificial stone countertops are mainly divided into three kinds: artificial quartz stone countertops, pure acrylic countertops, composite acrylic countertops. Quartz stone countertops are mainly composed of silica, harder, more wear-resistant. Decide pure acrylic countertops and composite acrylic countertops wear resistance and toughness coefficient of the main factor is the acrylic content, between 40% -45% of the most stable.

Advantages: smooth surface without pores, stain resistance, easy to clean and take care of.white quartz benchtop The color is more vivid to be able to rich, large choice, with the texture of Chinese natural stone and ceramic-like luster. The texture is corrosion-resistant, scratch-resistant, high temperature-resistant, pressure-resistant, impact-resistant, anti-penetration, is a study of excellent countertop structure materials. Has a good plasticity, and can get really need to realize the enterprise seamless splicing, can develop to make their own any product modeling, repairable strong. Compared to natural marble, artificial stone is not radioactive and has no adverse social behavioral effects on human health.

Disadvantages: Hardness is lower than natural stone, poor scratch resistance, but can be repaired by grinding repair. Easy to change color, choose light color especially white desktop should pay special attention.

Precautions:Artificial stone countertops should avoid bleach and limescale in the water to reduce the color of the countertop and affect the beauty. In practice, avoid direct contact with hot objects such as hot pots and put more pots and pans or placemats. When cleaning stains and dirt, use soapy water or detergents containing ammonia. You should use a wet rag to remove water stains and then wipe clean with a dry cloth.

2. Natural stone countertops

Marble and granite are commonly used materials. Granite is a volcanic rock, the pattern is mainly pitted, dense, hard, bright and granular, marble is a layer of metamorphic rock, granular, beautiful, but softer, will be weathered, more commonly used is white and black flowers. In contrast, granite is harder than marble and is perfect for kitchen countertops. Speaking of natural stone, we should mention its radioactivity. In fact, radioactivity is prevalent in our living environment.quartz benchtop Natural stone is not necessarily more radioactive than other materials; some ceramic bathroom products are more radioactive. Therefore, there is no need to talk about its color variations. When buying, the best way is to choose a stone that has been tested.

Advantages:Pure natural stone, harmonious and beautiful pattern, soft luster, ever-changing texture, return to nature feeling. Hard texture, outstanding scratch resistance, good wear resistance. Low cost, different colors, belongs to the economic countertop materials.

Disadvantages: natural stone length time is shorter, do long countertop work needs to be done by splicing, and the seams are obvious, encounter a kitchen shaped or pipeline cross avoidance is difficult to achieve processing. Natural stone density, hardness, but for the elasticity of the ability is insufficient, such as encountering heavy impact or temperature environment drastic development changes, will produce different cracks and difficult to repair. Due to the tiny pores on the surface of the material, it is easy to penetrate the pollution. The joints are easy to accumulate dirt, breeding bacteria, affecting China's health.

Note: General cabinets try to use dark countertops, light color can seep oil. Pay attention to the color of natural stone