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Are motorized curtains suitable for home use?

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Motorized curtains, also known as smart curtains, consist of an intelligent controller system that controls the opening and closing of the curtains, a wireless controller that operates and sets the main controller, and a motor and pulling mechanism that pulls the electric curtains. Motorized curtains and traditional curtains are essentially the same. They are mainly used for shading, insulating, protecting personal privacy and meeting users' needs. Meanwhile, small size, low vibration, low noise, low power consumption and low horsepower are mainly used in homes and hotels.

Superior to traditional curtains, motorized curtains are innovative in performance research in order to be more convenient for more different people, taking into account the needs of men, women and children. Motorized curtain system through the curtain remote control can control the curtains at will, do not need to pull the curtains ourselves, and for the motorized curtains can also be set at the same time through the network timer time, for example, you can be based on the setting of 8:00 am every day to automatically open the curtains.

There are also many people can worry about the power outage, what about the Electric curtain track, will not lead to the curtains can not move the situation. In addition to the remote control, motorized curtains can also be manually stretched. It is also fully considered that it can also be group controlled, so you can pull open or close several curtains at the same time, which is very convenient.

Quiet effect is good. When the motorized curtains are running, the use of high-quality mute ball and gear belt has controlled the sound generated by mutual friction to the minimum effect.Motorized Curtain Track Compared with the traditional curtains, the sound is much smaller, basically have a quiet effect.

Motorized curtains are mainly composed of three parts.

Motorized curtain motors: one is needed if you are installing single-track curtains, and two are needed for double-tracks.

Motorized curtain track: a motor to control a track, the track is generally calculated in meters, the length is based on the actual.

Need a remote control: the remote control is divided into wall remote control, handheld remote control, generally speaking, a curtain only needs a controller, the above two kinds of remote control is not necessary to install two.

Motorized curtains purchase tips

1. Select motor

Motor is the core part of the motorized curtains. The motor of electric curtains on the market is divided into tube motors, blinds motors, Roman blind motors and so on. You can choose according to your actual situation.

2. Fabric

The fabric of the motorized curtains is also very delicate, generally consider the choice of good lighting effect, it is recommended to choose the sunshine fabric, so that you can clearly see the outdoor situation indoors, while the indoor can not see the indoor. If you need to shade, you can choose full shade fabrics, the shading effect can also reach a very good state.

3. Accessories

The accessories of motorized curtains are also very important. Must choose good quality, can not be greedy for cheap. For example, electric Roman blinds, it is recommended to choose the ribbed winder, which can make the roll smoothly, to avoid uneven phenomenon. The ordinary rope, after the sun and rain, easy to deform and break.

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