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How do you express formal agreement?

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  • Jul 19,2023
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How do you express formal agreement?

indicating agreement I completely agree with you. I completely concur with you. That couldn't be truer. That much is true.
(slang) Describe it to me!
You are entirely correct.
Absolutely. I feel precisely that same.
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What's the opposite of drastically?

What other term would you use for drastically?
Extremely greatly, especially, outstandingly, extravagantly, unreasonably, excessively radical, and so on.

What exactly is formal speech manner?

Formal style is a general phrase used in composition to refer to speech or writing that uses language in an impersonal, objective, and exact manner. Orations, scholarly books and articles, technical reports, research papers, and legal documents all frequently adopt a formal literary style.

Describe a formal word.

A formal document is one that is produced in accordance with or adheres to established or specified formats, customs, etc. A formal supper is distinguished by the observance of traditional standards of ceremony, behavior, clothes, etc.

What's up in official email?

formally written emails Hope everything is good. Hope everything is good with you. I hope you are doing well and reading this. I hope everything is going smoothly for you.

What is the formal name for topic?

an interest in a topic or general area. Issue, matter, inquiry, and topic

What topics do middle schoolers debate?

There ought to be no homework. Being good at academics is preferable to being good at athletics. School uniforms ought to be obligatory attire for students. Students who use vulgar language should be disciplined.

Describe a formal issue.

A formal document is one that is written in, follows, or conforms to recognized or specified forms, norms, etc. 2 marked by adherence to traditional forms of ceremony, conduct, attire, etc.

Is promising to act unprofessional?

There is nothing at all wrong with that statement. Consider for a moment that the person receiving the message is merely a person. Just because someone works as a recruiter doesn't mean they have lost the ability to comprehend everyday English.

What term is similar to viral?

Another word for viral, what is it? Epidemiologic, pathological, biochemical, organic, pathogenetic, pathogenic for disease, pathogenic for viruses, and related terms.