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Are your factory warehouses equipped with automated forklift robots?

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  • Apr 28,2023
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safety risk

As conveying equipment, forklift robots must be safe and efficient, whether they are electric forklifts, diesel forklifts, or forklift robots.

As forklift robots operate unmanned, they can improve productivity in enterprise factories and reflect China's intelligent manufacturing methods.

Despite the fact that forklift robots are more labor-saving than diesel forklifts and electric forklifts, the majority of factories still use diesel forklifts and electric forklifts.

Today, logistics factories and enterprise factory transportation are based on safety, intelligence, and efficiency. The plant area is very large, the amount of manpower and materials required is very large, and the amount of capital consumption is also huge.

Moreover, some factories have mixed line production, which means personnel and forklifts walk everywhere, which poses an uncertain safety risk.

Safety, intelligence, and efficiency solutions for plants

Personnel management system for vehicles:

Unified management of vehicles and personnel;

The platform data is clearly managed in the background, with a key export function, allowing multiple managers to manage a single account. In addition to plant safety driving, the platform also offers driver performance assessment, accurate work hours assessment, and plant use cost reduction.

Enhance driving safety and work efficiency;

A reduction in safety accidents makes forklifts in the plant area safer and more efficient. Real-time data monitoring increases plant productivity.

Ensure that all factory vehicles are driven by authorized drivers;

Specify the driving area of each forklift, and the forklift driver's authority to drive. If the forklift leaves the designated area, the system will notify the administrator that it is in the string area. Only the designated forklift driver can open the designated forklift; other people cannot open it on their own.

IC card authorization

Each driver has his own authorization IC card and must brush it every time he drives, and authorization IC cards can be used to assign authority to each driver. It is possible for the administrator to view the card record in the background each time, so they can see the work performance and driving time of the driver.

Platform records

By using the platform's forklift repair and maintenance recordsstacker forklift prompting feature, management personnel will be reminded when the forklift reaches a specific time when annual inspections and maintenance are approaching, and a message will be sent to the administrator's cell phone to remind them.

As a result of the remote reminder function, the platform also alerts the forklift manager if the forklift truck is speeding, driving outside the designated area, or engaging in other illegal activity.

Highlights of the vehicle personnel management system

Keeping track of the driving and clocked time of drivers and forklift operators;

Managing forklifts in the plant in a standardized manner;

Reduce enterprise costs by letting administrators manage data more conveniently and concisely.