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What are the advantages and disadvantages of Cloud QuickPass

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  • Mar 11,2022
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Now is the era of smart mobile payment. Many people pay with china unionpay card electronic accounts, such as WeChat, Alipay, China UnionPay Express. China UnionPay Express is a non-cash payment mobile transaction settlement tool. It is a mobile payment APP jointly developed, constructed and operated by China UnionPay, commercial banks, payment institutions and other industrial parties under the guidance of the People's Bank of China. Many users are not familiar with China UnionPay Express Pass. What are the advantages and disadvantages of China UnionPay Express Pass? Let's take a look.

To put it simply, Cloud QuickPass integrates the data of all Chinese banks, which is similar to aggregated online payment. It is an enterprise aggregation APP. In this APP, you can bind the bank cards of all your commercial banks. When paying, you can It is very convenient to specify the order of deductions.

The benefits of cloud flash payment:

① Small-amount free secret payment is particularly convenient, as long as you take out the mobile phone close to the collection device, you can quickly complete the payment;

② Since the QuickPass APP can bind both a savings card and a credit card, you can use a credit card to pay when deducting consumption. Due to the large number of credit card users, payments can be made during normal times. I believe many people see this and just use cloud flash payment, but WeChat Alipay does not support credit card payment;

3Limits: Everyone knows that Alipay or WeChat now has a transfer limit. Cloud Flash payment also has advantages, but it has advantages over Alipay and WeChat, and the amount is slightly larger;

④ Handling fee: Whether it is credit card development or transfer, the basic requirements are very low. (It is now free to pay credit cards, and even transfers are free of charge). This advantage is still a relatively obvious enterprise. Once the fund management of our Chinese bank card is transferred to Alipay, WeChat, and re-cash, the society needs to pay a high handling fee, and cloud flash payment does not exist.

Disadvantages of cloud flash payment:

① Merchants need to purchase a hardware collection device, and the cost is definitely higher than WeChat Alipay only needs a QR code.

② The security of non-confidential payment is poor (but it can be turned off manually)



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