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We have tested: Zit Stick Glossier, the anti-buttons that the Americans are snapping up

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  • Dec 14,2021
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We have tested: Zit Stick Glossier, the anti-buttons that the Americans are snapping up

The Zit Stick, anti-imperfection pen acclaimed in the United States since its release a year ago, finally arrives in France. But is it so revolutionary that we are allowed to hear it? The editors have tested it.

Since its appearance on the beauty scene in 2014, Glossier has been shaking up all the codes of cosmetics by offering simple, effective treatments at affordable prices and packaging with high unstoppable potential.

In this season, the brand created by Emily Weiss offers French women to discover (finally) the Zit Stick, an anti-imperfection product that, a year ago, had met a wide success across the Atlantic. At the time, hundreds of videos and photos before / after extolling its effectiveness had blossomed on the Web in the days following its release.

So, how revolutionary is this Zit Stick? Our writing has tested it, and here is what we thought about it.

What is the Zit Stick?

Zit Stick is an anti-imperfection gel. Its packaging is in the form of a marker with one side, a rolling ball tip anti-microbial steel, and the other a knob to deliver the right dose of product. A well-thought-out format, which allows users to easily use it, "no matter where and when," says the Glossier Development team. "Historically, localized treatments have been limited to thick, visible, mask-like formulas or patches, usually used during the night, secretly, at home." We wanted to create a product that could easily be dragged into a pocket, a bag, and use every day, so that we can begin to treat imperfections quickly.

What assets does it contain?

The pen contains a combination of 2% salicylic acid, capryloyl acid and tea tree oil with soothing ingredients such as propanediol, glycerin and niacinamide. A powerful and gentle formula at a time. The goal: eliminate acne pimples without drying out the skin.

How is the Zit Stick used?

Side application, "there is no absolute rule" dixit teams Glossier. "You can use Zit Stick spontaneously, when you feel a pimple forming, then pause between uses, or you can put it into a daily routine after you've applied your moisturizer."

A warning is still needed for those who would like to use another acne treatment at the same time as the Zit Stick. Bad idea ladies: it could increase the risk of irritation or dry skin. Similarly, the product containing alpha-hydroxy, a highly photosensitizing acid, it increases the sensitivity of the skin to UV. If you plan to expose yourself to the sun, then you plan to use a sunscreen to avoid a bad sunburn.

Our opinion on the Glossier Zit Stick

The test of Maëlys, community manager and journalist

"Overall, I find the product quite effective and convenient, it quickly calms out skin rashes and prevents some menacing pimples from coming out." It dries the targeted areas well and visibly reduces imperfections, applications after applications. The application is precise and its format allows to carry it discreetly.In contrast, I am less fan of the smell, a little too chemical.The product can sting if the button is alive and it can be very drying. we already have a moisturizer or a cream on the face and we put it in retouching, it can create a slightly pasty texture that ends up peeling. "

The Solène test, journalist

"I like his packaging a lot like a pen, it's easy to transport because it does not take place, the texture is pleasant, not too greasy, and it penetrates quickly into the skin." Her foundation can be applied over Carefree, it's very effective, the day after the first application my pimple was not at all inflamed, it dried up gradually and completely disappeared after 3 days but you have to run for a very long time the wheel to get the product out the first time. "