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Do you really know the types of insurance? Which insurance is worth buying?

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Do you really know the types of insurance? Which insurance is worth buying?

As the standard of living continues to improve, people's enthusiasm for buying insurance has only increased, and the demand for insurance products is growing, as is the supply of insurance products. There are many types of insurance products. Do you really know the types of insurance? Which insurance is worth buying?

What types of insurance are available?

Insurance is mainly divided into social security and commercial insurance. The main items of social security include pension insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, work injury insurance, maternity insurance and commercial insurance.

Let's talk to you well about social security card first.

Social security is the welfare of the state to the people, the 索償 basis of protection and comprehensive coverage. Before retirement, social security pays enough years to get lifelong protection, for example, pension insurance needs to accumulate 15 years of contributions, and medical insurance needs to accumulate 20 years of contributions, you can get protection after retirement until death.

Commercial insurance is a supplement to social insurance, compare the image point of social insurance and commercial insurance to social insurance, care you have food and eat well, want to eat well, need commercial insurance.

Commercial insurance is more flexible, you can choose between lifetime coverage and term coverage (coverage to how many years old). How many years to pay the premium. Which aspect of protection. The amount of coverage is how much you can decide for yourself, as long as you buy enough. Buy the right one, you do not have to worry too much about the future of life. When you are old, you can not only eat well, you can also eat well. So the question arises, how can I buy enough insurance products? What insurance policies do you need to buy?

Which insurance is most worth buying?

First, social security.

Social Security is one of the national benefits, and it is highly recommended that you have a copy of it. The threshold of social security is extremely low, and there is no waiting period for insurance. There is no waiting period, no waiting period, no waiting period, no waiting period. If you want to settle in a city, you need to pay a certain number of years of social security in your city, etc. Social Security is so intertwined with our daily lives that it really must be bought.

You may think that with social security there is no need to buy commercial insurance, in fact it is not correct to have such an idea.

Second, commercial insurance.

After talking about social insurance, let's take a look at commercial insurance. There are many commercial insurance products, but the most important ones seem to be critical illness insurance, millionaire medical insurance, life insurance and accident insurance.

Critical illness insurance:Critical illness insurance is insurance that covers major diseases. In other words, the insured person's critical illness meets the claim requirements of the insurance policy and the insurance company will pay the claim fee. The number and definition of such illnesses will vary from one insurance product to another.

But don't worry, the state has defined 25 types of critical illnesses, which cover more than 95% of almost all critical illness insurance claims. With the state as a strong backing, relax.

The good thing about this insurance is that the insurance company directly gives you a large amount of claim money at once, and once the claim money arrives, you can spend it as you like, the insurance company will not interfere with the management.

Take malignant tumor as an example. Malignant tumor, commonly known as cancer, is a highly prevalent disease. This disease is diagnosed and paid for, which means that once you are diagnosed with this disease, take the diagnosis to the insurance company and they will give you a large claim payment.

You can use it for the treatment of the disease and recovery costs. Subsidize the financial loss during the illness. Even a vacation abroad for convalescence, etc.

Million Dollar Medical Insurance:The great thing about this type of insurance is that you pay a few hundred dollars a year in premiums in exchange for millions of dollars of coverage. Today there are still many people who can't afford to go to the doctor and borrow money in order to raise money for medical treatment. Crowdfunding in the circle of friends, etc.

At this point I was thinking how great it would be to have a million dollar health insurance. You don't have to put down your dignity and go around begging people. There is an insurance company to reimburse you, so you don't have to worry about not having money to see a doctor.

Life insurance:Life insurance is a type of insurance that covers death and total disability. It is recommended for family breadwinners and young people who are just coming out to work hard. Children and the elderly do not need to buy life insurance, it is not very useful for the elderly and children.

Life insurance is divided into term life insurance and whole life insurance. Term life insurance is more affordable and is suitable for the breadwinner of a family with a mortgage or car loan. In case of an accident, you will also have life insurance to pay off the loan and reduce the financial burden of the whole family.

Accident insurance:The main coverage of accident insurance includes accidental medical, accidental disability and accidental death. The risk of accident seems to be uncontrollable, give this risk a coverage which is manageable. With accident insurance, you no longer have to worry about the risk of accidents. I believe you are familiar with accident insurance.

To sum up, the types of insurance are mainly divided into two categories: social insurance and commercial insurance. Social insurance is a national welfare with good basic protection. Commercial insurance is used as a supplement to social security, combining social security and commercial insurance together to purchase. This kind of protection is the most comprehensive, and one cannot be missing.

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