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What types of insurance are available and what must be bought? How to configure insurance for a moonlighter?

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  • Oct 05,2021
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Many people know that insurance is a guarantee against accident to accident. But some people say that I don't spend enough money every month and there won't be any left. How to buy insurance in this case? Theoretically, moonlighters have little to do with buying insurance.

Types of insurance.

Insurance can be divided into commercial insurance and social insurance.

First of all, the types of social insurance mainly include pension insurance, medical insurance, work injury insurance, maternity insurance and unemployment insurance. Pension insurance is divided into basic pension insurance for employees and pension insurance for urban and rural residents, and medical insurance is divided into basic medical insurance for employees and medical insurance for urban and rural residents. Although maternity insurance is merged into basic employee medical insurance, its insurance functions and functions still exist.

Commercial insurance is developed by commercial insurance companies, and both parties agree on the rights and obligations of both parties according to the insurance contract. According to the insurance responsibilities, it can be divided into four categories: life insurance, annuity insurance, health insurance and accident insurance, which can also be specifically divided into more detailed categories. Health insurance, for example, includes sickness insurance, medical insurance, disability income loss insurance and nursing insurance.

Social insurance is the most basic.

Social insurance is coordinated by the state. The state arranges the appropriate staff,索償 offices and develops the corresponding social security system. The state enacts off laws to determine the relevant policy treatment, etc. It can be said that social insurance is the most basic insurance established for the stability of the whole society.

According to the Labor Law, the Labor Contract Law, the Social Insurance Law and other provisions, enterprise employees must participate in the basic employee pension, medical insurance and other social insurance five insurance, which is a mandatory legal obligation. It is both for the enterprise and for the employees. Do not think that this is only the right of employees.

Flexibly employed people, self-employed businessmen and part-time workers can participate in basic pension and basic medical insurance according to their income. If they cannot afford it, they can join urban and rural residents' pension and medical insurance.

The urban and rural residents' medical insurance is a social security for all residents, including newborns and those over 100 years old. You only need to pay one or two hundred yuan per year to receive basic hospitalization reimbursement. The state also subsidizes more money, which is very cost effective. For example, the minimum contribution for urban and rural residents' health insurance in 2019 is 250 yuan, with local government subsidies of no less than 520 yuan.

Commercial insurance is a coverage that can be supplemented.

Commercial insurance is not mandatory or state-subsidized. It is just for the benefit for the benefit. However, commercial insurance companies can share the risk by underwriting more people, thus creating a leverage effect, and if something goes wrong you can get a high level of coverage.

Commercial insurance must be based on your own affordability and is generally not mandatory, unless it is mandatory auto insurance.

As for the purchase order of commercial insurance, for the average individual, the first configuration is accident insurance, such as accident insurance, medical insurance, property damage insurance, etc.; the second order is medical insurance. After all, people will always get sick; the third order is the loss of income insurance, such as life insurance, critical illness insurance, etc.; the fourth order is the future retirement protection, such as pension insurance, dividend insurance, etc.

The order and proportion of family assets allocation.

For an ordinary family, the first thing to ensure is to prepare 3~6 months of daily expenses. Just like this new crown pneumonia epidemic, some families are in trouble because they cannot start working and have no income. Other young people are used to spending on credit, with monthly repayments of mortgages and credit card installments, and many young people turn to their parents for help.

With the basic protection before allocating it to prevent accident insurance. The corresponding investment amount is usually about twice the amount provided for daily expenses.

If there are basic expenses and accident prevention insurance, if you are young, you should use the savings to invest in high-yield financial products, remember that financial products should be familiar with; if you are older, pay attention to long-term protection, mainly deposit treasury bonds.

In general, no matter what, we should buy basic social insurance, then provide 3~6 months of daily expenses reserve for the family, and then allocate certain commercial accident insurance is safer.

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