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Why hot pot food is popular with the public?3 reasons you know?

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  • Kaitlyn
  • Aug 18,2020
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The taste: spicy and fragrant

Hot pot(牛涮鍋) is mainly made of butter as the core ingredient, and then spicy food as the supplementary ingredient, after high temperature stir-frying, fusion, presenting a charming spicy alcohol.

The aroma and flavor of butter will be completely released with the increase of temperature, and the taste is sweet with alcohol, with a mellow aftertaste. Any kind of food, even ordinary vegetables, can be transformed into delicious human food after being thoroughly washed by butter soup.

Its shape: boiling red and shiny

Hot pot not only makes people's mouth water in terms of taste, but also stimulates appetite with its presence. Generally speaking, when the bottom of the hot pot is served, it is not liquid, but solid, with a block of orange-red base, on which you can clearly see the shadow of chili and pepper, which looks full of appetite.

When the temperature rises, the bottom of the pot will slowly melt and a pot of boiling hot Chengdu butter red hot pot will be on full display in front of diners. At this time, the pot is bubbling, which is a beautiful piece of music and a beautiful and moving picture.

Its effect: warming and moisturizing

hot pot, the reason why we can be in the world of food and beverage business market economy set off a learning card craze, in addition to the appearance and taste of the advantages, but also with its warming and moisturizing effect to carry out. Chengdu as a hot pot, developed from a mixture of many ingredients, not only can cast a hundred flavors, but also brings the advantage of warming and nourishing.

It can bring warmth to the spleen and stomach, promote healthy skin sweating in students, achieve a beauty effect, but also effectively remove dampness, to enhance the appetite of young children, so that people appetite.

It can be said that after a hot and spicy hot pot, the overall feeling is very simple, relaxed and fluent.