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Home Goods with a Happiness ☑

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  • Aug 17,2020
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Home Goods with a Happiness ☑

GOHU shower head: This black shower head of DE brand GOHU is not only high-end and elegant in appearance, but also particularly comfortable during the bathing process. Because it can be kept at a constant temperature during the entire bathing process, you can adjust the temperature to your liking, so that the exhaustion of the whole day will dissipate with the massage bath.

GOHU Smart Toilet: Black technology opens up your smart life. GOHU Smart Toilet can not only have sensor function but also wireless intelligent control. Compared with other smart toilets, it is quite power-saving, the cleaning effect is also very good, and it is also very friendly to women.

Lazy sofa: This is a must-have for lazy people. ❗️This lazy sofa is especially suitable for small apartments. It is the best choice for girls who live alone. After working every day, drag your tired body back home and lie on the lazy sofa. It doesn't smell good, it's perfect with a footstool

Luxury washbasin: The mirror of this washbasin is an LED smart defogging mirror with a time display on it, which is particularly convenient. The appearance is light and luxurious and full of happiness.

There are two types of Beidao laundry beads, both of which are available (the three-in-one is easy to use during the recent epidemic). The hin is convenient to use and dissolves quickly in water. There are five adults in the family, all of which are machine-washed. A gel bead is just right, it smells super fragrant when you open it after washing, and it smells super nice when you wear it after drying. Recommended!

Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Drain Pipe Scavenger

The rainy weather in June made many things in the house moldy...

Shouldn't the sisters who have been pretending to not smell the peculiar smell of the sewer, the kitchen oil stains that the final assembly did not see, and the bathroom mold that has been pretending to be non-existent for half a year?

Listen to your inner roar: The house has been stalled for half a year, and it's time to clean it up! Back then, I provoked the dredge rod and stabbed the sewer all night. I often encountered the problem of clogged sewers until I met Kobayashi Pharmaceutical drain pipe scavenger, imported from Japan, and it was really blocked by the drain pipe. I heard that I started quickly. It's really convenient. It can remove the sticky and slippery things that cause the drain pipe to block, and it can also eliminate the peculiar smell of the sewer, clean and sterilize. Every time I use up the house, there is a scent of citrus. It smells really good. It is an artifact to rescue patients with cleanliness. Throw one out every three to five months to maintain the drainage of a small waterway, so that the water can flow smoothly. And can remove the odor of the sewer. I usually just throw one down, and then remember to leave it overnight without flushing it, so that it can fully dissolve the dirt in the drain and play a role in dredging. In addition, bathrooms, sewers, and kitchen sinks can also be used. It is really easy to use and convenient.