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Clinique 302 whitening laser bottle, ultra-laser whitening and spotting essence

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  • Aug 12,2020
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The principle of a perfect formula for whitening essence should be: exfoliation -> middle barrier -> bottom layer to inhibit melanin.

Only in this way can the spot problem be solved from the source! The effective ingredients that meet the above three aspects can be classified as the first echelon. Can the Clinique 302 whitening laser bottle, which is known as the first echelon of whitening, really effectively reduce spots?

When spring and summer come, we should pay attention to whitening products. 302 Whitening Essence is Clinique's new product!

Clinique 302 Laser Whitening and Brightening Essence, penetrates deep into the skin, removes freckles layer by layer, whitens every inch, acne marks, spots and dullness. "Skin tone brightening" for people who stay up late. There is no need to worry about the pregnancy spots of the mother after childbirth, it is safe and gentle.

Before trying this whitening and spot-lightening serum, I stopped using my usual whitening products for a week. The texture of this whitening and spot-lightening serum is thicker, a bit like a lotion, and it is milky white, but it is very refreshing when spreading, and it has no sticky feeling at all. It has good malleability and smells nothing.


Before applying moisturizing products in the morning and evening, apply evenly to the whole face or spots. When time is in a hurry, I use whitening essence directly, and then use facial cream to moisturize and lock water. For my large acne scars, I use it for seven days in the morning and evening, and I use it every night on the whole face, not necessarily during the day. The acne mark disappears within seven days, but it is lighter overall, and I will continue to use it to observe its state.

For the skin tone of the whole face, my skin tone is currently the most white, so I don’t feel that my skin tone has turned white. I discontinued the original whitening products and my face felt dark, but not black. After using the Clinique Whitening Laser bottle, my skin The translucent sense has come back.