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Fabric laser cutting machine's wonderful use you know? How to cut leather and fur with laser cutting machine?

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  • Nov 06,2023
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With the continuous development of the times, people no longer like bland clothes. The standard of living continues to improve people have unique feelings for some personalized clothes. In order to adapt to the changes in the market, they are very fond of creative clothes. Many companies are constantly updating and slowly they are discovering a machine that can mass produce all kinds of personalized clothes.laserpecker compact laser engraver This is our fabric laser cutting machine which can produce some unique products that fulfill the general aesthetics. Here we introduce you to some of the marvelous uses of several fabric laser cutting machines!

Laser technology in all walks of life continue to be applied, the clothing industry is accelerating the renewal, as a traditional industry of labor-intensive industries, the application of increasingly fierce competition,laserpecker 11 but in order to achieve better results, using some high precision. Software used to control the machine. Cloth laser cutting machine has been favored by many strong enterprises, and has the advantages that these traditional industries do not have!

Laser cutting machine can reduce the error caused by manual cutting and improve the efficiency. If the cloth layer is thin and the amount of cloth is small, the traditional method can be used, but if there are a large number of garment cutting tasks, this method can easily cause size errors between the upper and lower layers of garment cutting. Workers may experience rework and repair difficulties during the cutting stage.

Errors due to cutting can directly lead to labor loss, schedule delays, and even affect the delayed process, resulting in longer production cycles for orders. The fabric laser cutter also reduces damage, contamination and uneven edges of the cut piece that can be caused by manual operations. The fabric laser cutter does not add to the process and also manages the initial discharge. These are the ways in which laser cutting beds directly help companies to use the fabric in their hands to avoid unnecessary wastage. Since the automatic laser cutting system is used to manage the tablet, the storage of data is automatically arranged by the computer. We do not have to spend more time browsing through the original list, press the computer button to find the original data we need, we can call or modify it directly.

Leather, fur when the equipment by the fashion trend favorite, leather is the trend in recent years, leather is not only against the cold ability to strong, but also able to show the female sexy and soft, of course, also represents the identity. So the production of leather design requirements are very high, laser cutting machine is widely used in the cutting of leather, for us laser cutting machine in the application of fashion will be more real: in the various fashion shows, fur fashion by the pursuit of alternative, seek human nature of high grade, high consumption of fashion people love, leather is high grade, high consumption of fashion people love!

Laser cutting machine processing as a new processing technology, with its high processing accuracy, fast processing speed, easy to learn, automation and other advantages in the leather, textile and garment industry by the new have a wide range of applications.

Leather laser cutting machine laser beam focused into a very small point of light, so that the focal point to reach a very high power density. At this time the beam input heat is much larger than the part of the material reflection, conduction or diffusion, the material is quickly heated to the degree of vaporization, evaporation to form holes. As the beam moves linearly relative to the material, the holes are continuously formed into slits of very narrow width. Cutting edge by heat is very small, basically no workpiece deformation. Leather laser cutting without burrs, wrinkles, high precision, better than plasma cutting. For many electromechanical manufacturing industry, due to the microcomputer program control of the modern laser cutting system can facilitate the cutting of different shapes and sizes of workpieces, it is often more than punching, molding process is preferred, although it is slower than the processing speed of the mold rushing, but it does not have the mold consumption, no need to repair the mold, but also save time to replace the mold, thus saving the processing costs, reducing production costs, so from the overall consideration is more Cost-effective.

Leather industry is China's light industry in the pillar industry. In recent years, with the rapid development of the leather industry, China is becoming a big tannery production country, as well as the leather trade is both active, the purpose of the development potential of one of the markets. Laser processing equipment, with the beautiful combination of craftsmanship and technology, in many sewing processing equipment to lead the fashion. Laser cutting machine not only realizes rapid layout and effective cutting, but also saves time, labor and material. Wide range of uses, can be used for a variety of leather flexible material cutting. Suitable for sample making and production, tailor-made excellent cutting solutions for shoes, bags and handbags, clothing and apparel industries.