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A Few Interesting Facts About Computers You Probably Didn't Know

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  • Laura
  • Sep 19,2023
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Today I would like to share with you some cold knowledge that you have never noticed on your computer, I estimate that more than half of my friends have never noticed these strange things, here to give you a detailed introduction:.

1. Why the system disk is C disk, not A disk

Why is the computer system disk C disk, rather than A disk, B disk,combine pdfs for free windows I believe that we have just started using the computer's memory, from our first impression, our computer's system disk is the default C disk, and then respectively, D, E, F disk, then why not A disk, B disk?

In fact, at first there is, but these two disks are designed specifically for the floppy disk, and then because the floppy disk was eliminated, but then we have been accustomed to this way of dividing the disk, so there has been no change over!

2. Why is there a small ball on the power cord of the laptop?

Many people may be like me,convert scanned pdf to word online free large files that is, the first computer in life is a laptop, but have you noticed that the laptop's power cord has a small ball, is a small cylinder, do you know what this small cylinder is used for? A lot of people think it's to prevent the power cord from breaking or to look better but if you think so then you're wrong,

In fact, inside this small cylinder is a "ferrite bead", also known as a "magnetic shielding ring".

Its purpose is to reduce electromagnetic signals and radio frequency interference, without it, your headphones or stereo, there will be some interference with the current sound, thus reducing the quality of your audio.

3. Unknown small holes in the computer

Now look carefully at the laptop,pdf editor online have you found that in addition to the power hole, USB port, headphone hole, there is an unknown hole on the side of the laptop? It is estimated that many people buy this hole from the computer is not used, and do not know what it is for.

In fact, it is a laptop security lock hole, is used to connect the booth anti-theft, this laptop lock hole, a rounded rectangle, the lock hole inside the steel reinforcement, through and locks on the T-type locks on the interlocking, so that the locking cable and the device is closely linked, and with it locked after the laptop can not be closed, so that thieves can not be easy to close and take it away, it was born, is due to the laptop easy to carry sex It was born, due to the easy portability of laptop computers, it is easy to clip in the backpack was stolen and designed by the United States of America's Kensington company in 1992 to establish off and become an industry standard, and has continued to the present.

4. The secret of the computer mouse cursor

The mouse cursor, I do not know if you have found anything unusual. In fact, this cursor is asymmetrical. This problem is estimated that many people have not found, and even many people have always thought that they are symmetrical. At first glance, they are, but if you look closely, you'll realize that

On Windows, the short line to the left of the cursor arrow has a big tilt to it, and the short line to the right is actually horizontal, but on a Mac, they're symmetrical, and the cursor is not symmetrical.

Why is this? You'd have to ask Microsoft, because they've been following the earliest design style of windows. Because of the low resolution of early monitors, if the icons had too many diagonal lines, it would have been detrimental because of jaggies. In fact, the line to the left of the mouse arrow is vertical, which is more in line with the intuitive beauty of the public.

Look carefully, you can also find that the cursor right arrow of the small short line, it is horizontal, so we can get to ensure that the user's visual experience will not be too "diagonal", therefore, although the arrow visual system design, is not a completely symmetrical, but our country basically to ensure the visual comfort.

5. What is the use of right-click refresh on the computer?

In normal computer use, right-click the mouse or directly press F5 on the keyboard will function. Whether the computer is lagging or there is a problem with the PPT, everyone seems to be used to clicking the refresh button.

So what is the magic of this button? Does refreshing make the computer smoother or faster?

Actually, it doesn't. The essence of refresh is to "refresh the current data to update the display information".

That is to say, when your computer is lagging, your frequent clicks on refresh will not only not make your computer smoother, but also increase the burden of your computer, and make it even more lagging on top of lagging.