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6 Tips to Make Your Work Better

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  • Aug 16,2023
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1. seize the focus of the work

Grasping the key refers to the ability to quickly summarize the complex surface phenomena into a clear structure of the characteristics of things, to seize the root of things, the key to the problem, to determine the focus of the work.pdf to word converter offline software free download full version

Simply put, it is through induction, generalization and the ability to summarize. Whether a person needs to have the ability to grasp the key, first of all, to see whether his way of thinking can be structured, can be more complicated things to analyze the development of induction and classification; secondly, to determine his classification management standards and principles and whether it can be correct, and to solve the problems of the direction of whether it is consistent.

2. strong goal and result-oriented consciousness

Goal orientation is the most prominent thinking characteristic of good workers and organizers. It starts at the end, focuses heavily on goals and results, and directs the team's core resources and strategies toward goal achievement. It simply means that the goals are clear and the execution is strong.word to pdf converter online i love pdf

People without this ability tend to be reactive when it comes to difficult tasks and wait for the conditions to be right. People with results-oriented thinking, starting from the goal of the work, think about what kind of conditions, and then take the initiative to find ways to create the conditions, so as to achieve the purpose of solving the problem.

3. Quickly discover the law and predict the result

Today's social era, the completion of teaching work faced with the rapidly changing environment, requiring students to be able to achieve rapid analysis and judgment, flexible response. And support the economy of fast judgment and flexible response basis, is good at quickly discovering a thing of the law of operation and to be able to the development of the results of the data can be accurately predicted.jpg to pdf converter and combine

Without this ability, in order to make the correct judgment, a large number of studies, research, information, meetings, discussions, decision-making efficiency decline, so that the efficiency of the whole team. People with this ability have a common characteristic, that is, the knowledge is relatively broad, can rely on the effective accumulation of knowledge and experience to quickly judge the situation.

4. Possess big specification and overall view

The big picture refers to the ability to comprehensively, systematically, forward-looking view of the problem, from the overall grasp of the trend and law of things. People with a big picture view have a broad vision, what can be seen, but thinking about it is rarely missed; often can analyze the development and evolution of things from a historical point of view, so as to have a forward-looking, reduce decision-making errors. Lack of big-picture people are often difficult to understand the strategic intent of the leaders, will only seize the local attack a little, easy to lose sight of the other.

Egocentrism is an important factor that constrains one's view of the big picture. For a big-picture view, a person must let go of selfishness in order to broaden his or her horizons. The overall view determines one's level of sophistication, and the overall view determines one's ambition.

5. Thinking Outside the Box

First of all, it is important to recognize that the fact that an idea can become a routine means that it is effective in solving problems. However, when new problems arise and routine ideas begin to fail, we must find another way to solve the problem effectively. Breaking the routine is not about being new and different. The fundamental task at work is to face facts, solve problems, and achieve goals, so effectiveness is the first principle. There is also a bottom line for breaking the routine. Those who step on the red line and play ball are not thinking out of the box, but luck.

Out-of-the-box management is characterized by reverse thinking and divergent thinking. Love to think, good at summarizing, do not blindly follow the people, the ability to break the routine analysis often need to be stronger.

6. Create a communication platform

Often referred to as communication ability mainly refers to interpersonal communication ability. But in the work of only ordinary interpersonal communication skills is not enough, in the complex work of the team's external, multi-angle, multi-level communication more and more, which requires the ability to create a communication platform, simply put, is the establishment of communication mechanisms, channels and systems.

To create a communication platform, you first need to understand who needs to be notified of your decision, what are the weaknesses of the existing channels, how to break through, and how to make this new communication channel a mechanism.