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How do I taste water wine? Probably the most applicable method is to look, smell and taste.

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  • Jun 26,2022
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How do I taste water wine? Probably the most applicable method is to look, smell and taste.

Tasting, appreciation of water wine sake tasting hong kong is also similar to the tasting of red wine, from the look, smell, taste three aspects to start. If you have a wine basic, you will be much more convenient, after all, there is "fish" do not worry about "fish"! Generally common water wine clear and transparent (also has a light yellow or emerald green), sweet taste low acidity, there is a delicate cereal, lactobacillus and melon fruit flavor.

Technically professional sake bitmain antminer s19 pro for sale kikichoko cups recognize the clear level and hue of the sake. These sake cups have a snake's eye inside the cup, which is good for checking the color of the sake, and also allows you to distinguish the processing of the sake visually.
If you are at home, the cups used to taste wine are the same. For sake, the more transparent the sake is, the fresher it is, and the heavier the hue, the longer it will be.

The aromas of sake include fruity, Ngau Tam Mei spicy, dried fruit, herbal, cereal, mushroom, caramel, and lactic acid bacteria. However, the popularity of ginjyosu products has changed the traditional style of sake, which emphasizes the flavor rather than the aura. Ginjyosu is to be savored like a poem, to be felt sentence by sentence, and then to be tasted after several bites in order to recognize the delicate aroma. The glass is sometimes not conducive to feeling the delicate and fresh floral and fruit aroma of ginjyosu, so it is wise to use a red wine glass to appreciate the aroma of the wine.

In the case of tasting, we need to feel whether the wine is semi-dry or sweet. What is the quality of the wine? Is it sweet and sour? How is the bitterness and astringency and its layers? Is the ethanol spicy? These are similar to wine tasting. However, water wine has a more "fresh" dimension than red wine, because more carbohydrates are used in it.