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For more information about personal credit, read this article.

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For more information about personal credit, read this article.

Advantages of microcredit

1. Simple procedures, fast lending process, easy procedures

The loan procedure is simple, based on the customer's application, personal loan hong kong acceptance survey, verification of collateral, guarantee, loan committee approval, signing of loan contract, loan, and management of loan principal and interest recovery.

It is generally more convenient and faster to accept a bank loan within 7 days after the loan is completed, and the interest rate is much lower than private loans.

2. Flexible repayment methods

We offer a variety of flexible repayment options, such as monthly repayment, 4g wifi quarterly maturity, one-time repayment or two repayment options.

The money path of small credit

The management of funds for credit enterprise loans can only be used to achieve personal information consumption purposes (including the purchase of cars, renovation, education, education, bulk shopping, travel, etc., bitcoin+mining+website can not be used directly for the purchase of housing), the application requires us to provide proof of use, because they do not require collateral review is relatively more stringent.

Small credit application requirements

Chinese citizens who have a fixed residence in China, a fixed domicile, a local city account (or a valid certificate), full civil capacity, and the following conditions can apply for a personal credit loan.

1. have a legal occupation and a stable source of income (>1000RMB/month) and be able to repay the loan principal and interest on time;

2. The borrower must be an administrative, corporate or business unit approved by the bank and have a good cooperative relationship with the bank, and the bank must pay the wages on behalf of the borrower

3. Comply with the laws and regulations, no illegal acts and bad records;

4. open a personal settlement account with the borrower's bank and agree to debit the loan principal and interest from the personal settlement account designated by the borrower;

5. Other conditions as stipulated by the bank.

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How much money can I borrow personally?

How Much Do Personal Loans Typically Cost? Generally speaking, most lenders permit customers to borrow between $1,000 and $50,000. However, a number of aspects of your financial situation could affect the amount you're authorized for.

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Do personal loans require evidence of income?

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