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What kind of machining and processing of product workpieces?

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  • Jun 10,2022
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What kind of machining and processing of product workpieces?
It has always been thought braun thermoscan thermometer that machining centers are unbeatable and can produce and process all kinds of product workpieces, but in fact this is not the case. So what kind of workpieces are suitable for machining centers? The original field gear manufacturers to take you to understand.

Machining center is most suitable Graphics miner for the production and processing of many kinds of small batch production parts, because the CNC lathe processing precision is high, good rigidity, for some of the higher standards of precision parts can achieve the ultimate production and processing. For the product workpiece (arbitrary plane curve) with a more complex appearance of the wheelhouse, the CNC lathe can use the radius compensation role of the arc tool to approach with vertical or arc, and then carry out production processing of the product.

In recent years, the development trend precision cnc machined parts of machining center is fast, many companies dismissed the general CNC lathe, to buy machining center, but as the saying goes, only choose the right, not the expensive, regardless of CNC lathe or general CNC lathe, only suitable for everyone is a good CNC lathe, do not have to blindly follow the trend, according to their own requirements, objective selection.

Push the equipment to accept the content of the command information from the CNC machine tool equipment, after the power amplifier circuit, strictly implement the provisions of the command data to push the CNC lathe to move the components, in order to produce and process the parts in accordance with the provisions of the drawings. Thus, its servo driver precision and information response characteristics are one of the main elements that jeopardize CNC lathe processing accuracy, surface quality and production efficiency. The driving equipment contains two vast majority of control board (including power amplifier circuit) and actuator. At this stage, most of them choose DC or communicating AC servo drive motor as the actuator.

Part check equipment will CNC lathe each longitudinal coordinates of the specific offset check out, by feedback mechanism keyed to the CNC machine tool machinery and equipment, CNC machine tool equipment will feedback the specific offset value and rated value to carry out more, manipulate the propulsion equipment in accordance with the command rated value fitness movement.

The primary function of the assistance manipulation equipment is to accept the switch quantity command data signal exported by the CNC machine tool equipment, through the compilation program, logical discrimination and fitness movement, and then drive the corresponding household appliances after the power amplification circuit, to promote the CNC lathe's mechanical equipment, hydraulic machine, pneumatic type and other assistance equipment to order the required switch quantity posture. This kind of manipulation contains the speed regulation, phase change and start-stop command of machine tool spindle fitness movement components, the selection and interchange command of CNC blades, the operation termination of refrigeration and wetting equipment, the loosening and clamping of product workpieces and CNC lathe components, the power switch assistance posture of measuring range operating table genus seven chord measuring range, etc.

Because the programmable logic control board (PLC) has the characteristics of fast response, reliable characteristics, easy to apply, program writing and change program flow and can immediately run the CNC lathe power switch, etc., it has now been commonly used as the assistance manipulation equipment of CNC lathe.

The machine tool itself of CNC lathe is similar to the traditional CNC lathe, which is composed of machine tool spindle drive system, tool walking drive system, bed body, operating table and its assisted fitness movement equipment, hydraulic and pneumatic system software, air intake system, refrigeration equipment and so on. But the CNC lathe in the overall reasonable layout, shape design, transmission device, CNC blade system software structural features and its actual operation organization and other levels have long undergone a major transformation. The purposefulness of such changes is because the standard of CNC lathe and the full use of CNC lathe are achieved.

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