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Not choosing the right payment gateway may not make your transaction so easy!

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  • Mar 07,2022
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Not choosing the right payment gateway may not make your transaction so easy!

1. Consider getting a merchant account

Most commercial bank accounts allow you to pay by cash, check, direct debit or transfer. google pay payment gateway for website If you want to accept money from a credit or debit card, some payment gateways will require you to have a separate merchant account to make payments.

From a financial standpoint, it may be wise to have a merchant account, as payment gateways that deposit funds directly into your business bank account often have higher processing costs than merchant accounts.

Not surprisingly, many payment gateway companies offer merchant account services.

2. If you make a payment, you need to make a secure site

In order to protect its users, Google now informs visitors of the security of the site. This is done by displaying an icon at the beginning of the Chrome address bar.

If your site does not display a green padlock icon, visitors may think twice about going there. Even if you fall into the "information or insecurity" category, Google's warning is clear.

The only solution to getting a green padlock and inspiring trust from visitors is to get an ssl certificate, which (Secure Socket Layer) encrypts any information that users enter on your site, such as credit card details, so that you don't have to go through it.

For example, credit card details, so that they cannot be stolen. You can determine if a site has an ssl certificate because its url starts with https instead of http.

If your payment gateway is on a third-party site (such as PayPal), you need to make sure that the site has an SSL certificate and shows a green padlock.

3. Make sure your gateway is compatible with your e-commerce service plugin

Most websites use plugins such as Commerce or Paid Member Pro to create stores or membership sites. Not all plugins can be used with your preferred payment gateway.

Please make sure to double check the compatibility of the plugin before registering the gateway.

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What fees apply to Google Pay gateway?

The cost of processing transactions There are no startup, monthly, or gateway service fees with Google Checkout. Transactions where the country of the merchant and the buyer's billing country are different will be charged an extra 1% fee.