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What is a baby ear thermometer?

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  • Feb 23,2022
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What is a baby ear thermometer?

What is an ear thermometer, simply put, it is a temperature measuring instrument, and what is more special is that it not only has the function of a thermometer, but also an upgraded version, which is particularly flexible and convenient, non-contact telemetry thermometer. Because of the use of more advanced physical principles and black body radiation theory, parents may not understand these detection principles,braun digital ear thermometer,but as long as it is more convenient to use, you can achieve their goals.

A notable feature of the heating gun is that it can quickly and accurately read the body temperature through the detection of infrared spectroscopy, and can even read to 0.1 ℃. Do ear thermometers need earmuffs? According to whether earmuffs are used and the number of times they are used, infrared ear thermometers can be divided into three categories: no earmuffs, repetitive earmuffs, and disposable earmuffs.

In fact, what we are most concerned about is the use and management of ear thermometers and safety precautions. The operation and management method of the ear thermometer is very simple. Just point the probe at the inner ear canal, press the measurement button, and the data of the measurement system can be improved in just a few seconds. However, in order for companies to measure ear thermometers more accurately, our country must master the following details:

1. The ear thermometer must be placed in a general environment at room temperature (16°C~35°C) for at least 30 minutes before use, especially in winter, to avoid temperature inaccuracy caused by too cold or overheated environment.

2. Subjects should avoid getting their ears wet before taking their temperature; and only if their body temperature is suitable for temperature measurement.

3. When repeating the measurement continuously, pay attention to the intermittent time of temperature measurement, remove the probe, rest for 5 seconds and then perform the next measurement to obtain the most correct measurement result.

4. It is recommended to measure the temperature in the same ear, in order to achieve a more accurate temperature measurement.

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