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You don't have to be a good person. Let's be honest. A comfortable way of life

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  • Christina
  • Nov 24,2021
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You don't have to be a good person. Let's be honest. A comfortable way of life

You can trust honest people.

An honest person with a straight personality. Because there is no lie and there is no inside and outside in the character, it is friendly, and there are always a lot of people around. In addition, there is no preconceived notion, and there is a charm because it can say what you think, and it is full of popularity and trust.

So this time, I will introduce how to open up the "real self" that has been confined in the heart, and to be able to live a comfortable and honest way of life.

"Honest person" and "Insensitive person"

Have you ever been hurt by a casual word from an innocent child with an honest heart? Of course, there is no offense at all to the child who said. It is also surprising because you say straight as you feel. However, if you say anything obediently, it may be taken as insensitive in the case of adults.

Honesty and insensitivity are a piece of paper. It is insensitive to say whatever you think.

An insensitive person may not understand how much the other person is hurt by his or her own words. Moreover, it is not possible to reflect because there is no offense and it does not say.

Because I am conscious of the other party, I can say anything obediently. An honest person who is different from insensitive. What should I be conscious of in order to become such a person?

What you want to be aware of before you put it into words

It is an honest person to say what thoughts are put out at once. However, if you speak without thinking about anything, you will be taken as an insensitive person. Even if it is obedient, it becomes insensitive if it makes a mistake one step. In order not to do so, let's think for a moment before I put it into words.

Repeat in one's head and then speak out

I feel like an honest person is saying what he thinks, but he thinks of the other person and speaks out. Before you put it into words, repeat it in yourself once.

It is important to think about what the other person thinks and to speak out in taking it easy.

I don't make excuses, I apologize for bad things right away.

Don't you make excuses for being careful or pointed out, saying, "Well, I'm busy"?

You know you're wrong, but maybe you're reluctant to apologize. If you're wrong, try to apologize right away, and you'll gradually get closer to someone who's honest.

the habit of regaining honest feelings

When I was a child who was innocent and was able to say whatever I thought. How could you honestly say anything at that time? As I grow up, I can't put up with my feelings and express my honest feelings in order to think that I want to be a good person. Let's get our sensitive self back like when we were children.

Take work as you feel

Watch the comedy and the movie that I saw a long time ago.

A comedy or movie that I thought was interesting when I saw it a long time ago, and on the other hand, I didn't think it was interesting. Let's give up the preconceived notion that it's interesting or not, and let's see it without thinking.

Therefore, it is important to accept the feeling of "How do I feel now?" Let's recognize how your feelings are feelings that don't come into preconceived notions.

Look at the picture books I saw when I was little.

Do you remember the picture book you read when you were little? At that time, I would have seen it with an honest feeling. I want to feel that feeling again.

If you have a picture book that you read when you were little, look through it. For some reason, you will feel nostalgic and will surely be able to remember the feelings you felt at that time.

How to learn from children's behavior

Look closely at things and say what you feel.

The great thing about children is that they can put what they think in words while they see it. For example, when you see strawberries, how do you use your child to say that? Various words such as "red", "delicious", "want to eat", etc. come to mind. Let's say what you thought the moment you suddenly saw something.

If you look at things many times and act in words, your honest feelings as a child will gradually come back. When you grow up, you have preconceived notions by all means. If you have preconceived notions, your emotions will be lost more and more, and as a result, you will not be able to say what you think.

Sometimes I try to get angry without putting up with it.

When you grow up, don't you get too angry? Even if I feel angry, I put up with "I'm already an adult..." and pushed my emotions to death.

In that respect, what about children? It clearly shows the emotions and emotions of getting angry, laughing, and crying. Sometimes, by clearly expressing emotions and emotions, you can express your feelings honestly. Let's regain our sensitivity and remember our honest feelings again.