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Teach you how to make money with fintech financial technology?

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Teach you how to make money with fintech financial technology?

How to make money with Fintech? I happened to have a class with a teacher Zheng in Internet marketing. After the class, he will upload some line information from time to time, because he is teaching line online marketing, and he has There will be some business opportunities. I clicked on his Fintech business opportunity and it was quite interesting. There is this video under him. This video has something about this Fintech. After watching it, I thought it was pretty good, so I pulled it down. It has a registration system, so I clicked in, and there was this Mobile phone, password, line ID and other information, after entering the information, there will be a counselor who will come to contact you. He will tell you how to join their platform, and about this (new leader platform) link, I will put it under the content,You can go to the link, this is the link of the new leader, and the link of the other Taiwan capital exchange, I will also put it below, you can just go to the link directly. Its first task is to be a Taiwan capital exchange. It is about how "Fintech" makes money. It is a case. This case is quite easy to use. Let me first introduce to you what is a Taiwan capital exchange? You want Even the Taiwan Capital Exchange, which is the link below me, can be connected to this. Taiwan Capital Exchange, it is talking about the Internet logo meeting.


  The young people today don't know much about it, and even people of a little age don't know what "Biaohui" is? Because "Biaohui" is really a bit old. Some people say that it is a "mutual aid association". I will first look for information. I used Yahoo knowledge to check it. I think what this netizen said is quite simple. Take this as an example. Suppose there are ten friends, and you have ten friends, each of whom pays 10,000 yuan, ten people will have 100,000 yuan, and if you pay 10,000 yuan every month, you will save 100,000 yuan after ten months.

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  First of all, who will take the 100,000 yuan first? It is according to the bid meeting. Whoever pays the higher bid will get the 100,000 yuan for this period. Suppose the first person wins the bid with 500 yuan, and what is the situation with the 500 yuan? He pays 500 yuan to each person, which is equivalent to 500 yuan to the other 9 people, and the total is 4500 yuan (9*500=4500), Then he got a total of 100,000 yuan in cash, and he could use it first. Therefore, for those who are in urgent need, he will pay a relatively high bid, and then get the money first, and use it first. What is his interest? 500*9=4500, this is his interest, then you What about the last bidder? The last bidder will earn more. The first person in the first period will earn 500 yuan, the second one may earn 300 yuan, and the third one may earn 200 yuan.Then see how much he bids for each issue. In the end, you may earn 3,000 yuan. In addition, you pay 10,000 yuan every month, and then you get back 100,000 yuan and earn 3,000 yuan. Relatively speaking, this method will make money, and those who need money urgently can also use it urgently. Why? He used the method of the standard meeting to compare with the bank, because its interest rate will be lower. If you borrow from the bank, it may be 18%, 13% or 18%, depending on the situation. Therefore, its bidding will be established, ok, we are returning to the page just now, that in the Taiwan Capital Exchange, it is an online bidding meeting. The Fintech thing is to take this to the Internet to do it. This benefit is because it is not a bank. It takes out a certain part of the bank to do it. You can check it. Yongfeng Bank MMA has done it before, and it is also in the Do the Internet Signing Club, it has been established for a long time. But everyone has criticized it. Its fees are too high, so now I use this Taiwanese capital exchange. It’s an online sign meeting, and its fees are much lower. Relatively speaking, there are more people willing to invest and more people. willing to borrow.


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