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What is a molded paper lunch box?

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  • Aug 13,2020
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eco friendly utensils

China now advocates low-carbon environmental protection, not only on wearing and using, but also on eating, especially on eating, we must pay special attention to information security, management and health, so we need to do some environmental protection ourselves. When using tableware, you must know its ingredients to use it with confidence, otherwise it will cause serious harm.

1. Non-proof pulp molded products

Refers to non-waterproof and non-oil-proof molded products. This type of product eco friendly utensils is mostly used in the development of electronic lining products, and there is no requirement for water-proof and oil-proof characteristics to solve this type of packaging design.

2. Single-proof pulp molded products

Usually refers to waterproof products, adding a certain proportion of waterproofing agent (divided into food grade and industrial grade) into the slurry can play a waterproof role, and the waterproof temperature ranges from -18 degrees to 100 degrees.

Single-prevention products are mostly used in the development of agricultural production disposable nursery cups, as well as other parts of the main fruit pulp trays, meat pulp trays, etc.

3. Double-proof pulp molded products

It means that a certain proportion of water and oil repellent is added to the slurry to play the role of water and oil repellency of the product. The waterproof effect generally ranges from minus 18 degrees to 100 degrees; the oil resistance effect ranges from a few degrees to 220 degrees. The dual-proof products can be used in the microwave heating and oven baking process. Double-proof products are mostly suitable for food packaging tableware.

Laminate. Refers to the process of combining the composite film and the molded product through a composite process, with or without any additives added to the molded product. The composite film of the present invention has a strong tensile force, the composite product can better heat insulation, the molded product that dissipates heat through the pores reduces the temperature, and at the same time reduces the viscosity of food such as rice and dumplings, which can greatly reduce water-repellent and anti-corrosion agents. The use of oils.

Composite films are generally divided into PP, PE, PET, CPET, PBAT, PLA, etc. Currently, the commonly used composite membranes are mainly PLA and PBAT. PLA is a new type of biodegradable material, which is made from starch raw materials proposed by renewable plant resources (such as corn) and is fully degradable.

Therefore, analysis of the reasons for technological development. At present, China, as a domestic, cannot produce. We can mainly rely on imports from other regions and countries. The price is relatively expensive and the quantity is limited; but PBAT is butylene adipate and butylene terephthalate. Alcohol ester copolymer, which has the characteristics of PBA and PBT, has good ductility and elongation at break, and also has good heat resistance and impact performance;

In addition, it also has good biodegradability and is one of the most active and commonly used biodegradable materials in the research of biodegradable plastics. Because its price is much lower than polylactic acid and can be produced domestically, polystyrene is a composite material widely used in molded products.

After reading the above research content, I believe I also have a general and clear understanding of some of the main ingredients in environmentally friendly tableware. I think this is a very important development in China to understand, because after all, this is closely related to your study and life. After telling you something, you will know whether this environmentally friendly tableware design can be used without looking at the ingredients.